Chronicles of a Foodie: Duck & Buvette

>> Monday, July 21, 2014

The only bad thing about continuously discovering amazing restaurants in the city is that I can't stand eating sub-par food most days --- sometimes even my own cooking don't make the cut! Some weeks ago, the BDJ girls and I were scheduled to grab dinner and update each other. We initially wanted to eat at Green Pastures {yummy salad BUT long lines, always}, so we went to Duck & Buvette instead.

While I was already blown away that night with the yummy dishes served to us at D&B, I was once again mesmerized {yes, I really was} when I went back with my friend C. Duck & Buvette is located at the second floor of the main mall of Shangri La Plaza, so it made sense to grab dinner and a cocktails before watching Begin Again. It is formerly Cafe Provencal, which is a cafe I haven't seen at all!

I started with a cocktail, Duck & Buvette's Pampalousse, which is a fruity cocktail of grapefruit juice and bourbon and Lillet. Yum. :)

Truffle Roasted Cauliflower, an explosion of roasted vegetable, punctuated with yummy truffle and garlic notes. This was less than PHP 200, I believe.

Goat Cheese Ravioli, not your usual pasta but just as French and just as yummy as the first time I ate it.

Maple Candied Bacon. Gosh. Where do I start? If there's only one thing how to make bacon better than it already is, this is the way. 

I am no food blogger, and to be honest, I am not that eloquent enough to explain how awesome it is to be eating at D&B, the feeling of biting your first bite into that cauliflower, but I do know it's worth my money and I would probably be back soon :D

Happy Monday!


The Macadamia Muse Party + Giveaway!

>> Friday, July 18, 2014

As if on cue, shortly after I decided to chop most of my hair off into an A-Line graduated bob, the gods of hair called me into the pagoda of hair beautification to experience a step towards hair revival with Piandré and its partner in salon hair care, Macadamia Natural Oil.

I arrived much later, when the other bloggers were winding down from theirs, so I got to feel their hair before I plopped down to my salon chair and chose a treatment for my hair that was recently liberated from its permed aftermath. It was an easy one, I chose the Damaged No More Treatment --- I still inflict damage upon my hair everyday because of frequent blowdrying!

“The Damaged No More Treatment was a combination of the Deep Repair and Healing Oil Treatment, a quick fix for hair that’s dry, damaged, and chemically processed. Many of the bloggers, whose hair had been considered dead for a long time, marveled at the results.”

What to Expect: I knew the treatment was going to be like any other treatment where the staff would apply something on to your hair but surprisingly, this macadamia treatment a) did not smell like chocolates, as I had hoped, hehe b) was more luxurious than any hair treatment I’ve had in recent memory c) the shampoo wasn’t as bubbly, which is because of the absence of surfactants, which is a detergent that the hair doesn’t need. For my treatment, Piandré used the Deep Repair Masque and the Healing Oil that are concoctions of macadamia and argan oils that restore the hair’s moisture.

Overall: This macadamia oil treatment at Piandré was pretty remarkable, so much so that several days after, when the effects have gone, I am left wondering whether I should go back and avail of it again. Now that I have straight hair, I need it to be smooth and shiny and all the time, so I’d get a much milder treatment because my hair, after all, is damaged no more.

ALSO: Worth noting is their lineup, which has what they call Flawless, a cleansing conditioner, which I now regret that I didn’t get, especially for an upcoming vacation. Better than drying shampoo, this product is perfect for those long plane rides where you wish you can just clean {and prettify!} your hair in a jiff! It was only for PHP 350 that day but normally, for PHP 700.

Would I go back? I have been a loyalist of Piandré a long time until my hairstylist left and I got wayward into the arms of other top salons {story of any woman, I tell you} but coming into their BGC branch was a reminder what a spectacular experience it is to be in a salon that fills all the gaps and thinks of all the little details throughout the way.

GIVEAWAY TIME! Just follow the steps below and win one of two Macadamia Natural Oil gift packs I'm giving away!

Macadamia Natural Oil products are available at all Piandré Salons, addresses of which can be found here.  There’s a new one at BGC though, which you can check out next time: Two Parkade, 30th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, T: (02)5534014, (02) 5199962

*Please note that the gift packs contain 1 travel size Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo and 1 travel size Macadamia Moisturizing Rinse Conditioner. Deadline of the contest may be until July 31, 2014.


This Eyeliner Technique

>> Thursday, July 17, 2014

I recently sat in one of those master techniques thing hosted by MAC over quiche, tea, macarons and many other yummy things and I picked up a very useful technique from its Vancouver-based makeup artist, Caitlin Callahan. The most useful one, being:

Tilt your head up, look down, keep your eyes downward but not closed. I'm guilty of stretching my lids to the sides, so this little trick is a much needed reminder not to.

In other news, I was glad to be sitting in and watching Caitlin do a Filipina model's face. Had to take a photo with her too cos she was so pretty :) And her makeup is to die for!

Happy Thursday!


Gone Darker with Ellana Pumpkin Pie Latte

>> Wednesday, July 16, 2014

If there was anything I wasn't prepared for coming back from two beach trips, it was that I forgot to have on hand a dark powder/foundation. I was in a shoot when the makeup artist suddenly wondered why I wasn't blending well into the shade I said I used.

Guess all that tanning worked. 

So today, my short review is all about another shade of mineral foundation from one of my favorite local mineral makeup brands, Ellana:

Pumpkin Pie Latte Loose Mineral Foundation | PHP 500

Given the sheer coverage, unlike my other Ellana foundation, I had to use something underneath, so I used a bit of Max Factor's Whipped Cremé in strategic positions.

The result was an even finish, same consistency, humidity-proof coverage that I wanted. Hooray!

{Dark} FOTD:

Max Factor Whipped Cremé
Ellana Minerals Pumpkin Pie Latter Powder
Ellana Minerals Blush Duo in Light Roast/Rum Coffee
Majolica Majorca Eyebrow Gel in BR 555
Fairydrops Mascara
MAC Sweet Experience Lipstick from the Playland collection

What's your one-two shades darker go to foundation? 


I Say "I Do" to I Do Nails, McKinley

>> Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The ultra chic, chick-flick-feel nail salon just opened close to home: McKinley Hill!

I don't think there will ever be an end to a girl wanting some me time at the nail salon. There's the hair thing, and then there's the thing where you just want someone to allot time to your hands and feet. I'm so glad that this beauty opened somewhere near.

Not just that --- the opening of I Do Nails happened {to me, at least} at an opportune time when I was just heading home after picking up my laundry {how glamorous, I know}, tired from planting mangroves the day before and in need of serious catch up time with my perfect selfie buddy, Nicole. I picked up a bottle of rosé, chose a chick flick {The Proposal, what else} and let the pampering begin.

As I sipped my rosé, we got to chat with the salon owner, Monica Maceda: “I wanted my clients who are based in the South to have a closer branch that’s more convenient for them to visit,” says Monica Maceda, president of I Do Nails. “With the McKinley branch, my goal this time around was to make it more like a nail haven—a place where they can relax, enjoy their ‘me’ time, and simply unwind.”

I Do Nails is also a full-service nail and waxing salon that specializes in quickie mani-pedis for on-the-go gals. For those who love to get relaxing foot spas, there’s a delicious choice of organic foot scrubs that are exclusive from the I Do Nails spa line. Choose from relaxing and refreshing pomegranate or strawberry scrubs that are guaranteed to leave your hands and feet smooth and soft. “No matter which branch you visit, you can expect primo pampering be the same quality of service from our nail technicians,” shares Maceda. “And because I always want the hottest nail trends to be available to my customers, we’ll also be offering the same nail art services and continue to have a wide array of polish options across all branches.”

As for me, I was headed to a wedding that coming weekend, so I chose the cutest, sparkliest nail polish ever: Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday :D

Will I come back? Already did. And will do again :D
How are the prices? Reasonable! See below for the complete price list and service menu:

G/F Building 1, Tuscany at McKinley Hill, Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. For appointments, call or text 0917-8388095.

To get updates on the latest services and promos online, visit the following:
Instagram: idonailsservice




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