#TechThursday: Powerbank Review: Xiaomi Powerbank 10400 mah

>> Thursday, July 31, 2014

In a nutshell: Best PHP 2,000 spent.

By no way am I a tech-reviewer like Carlo Ople of Unbox.ph, but I do have my fair share technology-ridden life. When you're a former social media manager, a digital marketer in the professional world, having no battery is a no-no. While I can truly live without the help of gadgets, it's just easier to live with one. And really, why not?

Some months ago, I went to Glorietta {the revamped section} and bought one Xiaomi Powerbank {10400 mAH} from Henry's Professional Store, upon the recommendation of my friend Sophie. It sold for exactly PHP 2,000 and while I didn't realize it then, but it was a good PHP 2,000 spent. Here are reasons why:

  1. After a good, solid three months, my Xiaomi powerbank works the same way as it has on the first day. There's no decline in power {ie. less battery run, no longer charging times, faulty anything etc}.
  2. Charging time is about 5 hours for 100%. I get to charge my iPhone 5s 4.5 times on a full battery. I know, right????
  3. Reasonably priced. I loved the fact that I didn't have to break the bank to get a powerbank (=P). It was only PHP 2,000 and I know it's a fair price for the many times it saved me from a gadget-less day. I'm glad it can charge my iPad, too, as well as my SmartBro mobile wifi.
  4. Well-designed. Is it just me or it's super bagay with Mac products? It's aluminum alloy shell is a lot like my MBP and its white panel is just like the white iPhone. It's aesthetically pleasing, as I am not fond of cutie, funky powerbanks, and this one is just perfect for me. It's not nakakahiya to bring out in social gatherings and to let other people borrow. The white cord is small enough not to be bulky and it's a simple white one so it's not tacky at all!
  5. A bit heavy. I feel it in my shoulders when I carry my Xiaomi powerbank but I just make up for it by lessening my makeup in the bag. That's how much I love my powerbank :P
Do you have a powerbank? What's yours?


The L'oreal Star Collection, #ThePerfectNude

>> Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Every girl is always in search for that perfect nude that complements a steel gray smokey eye, or that neutral cat eye flick. Sometimes, the bold lip just won't do and we are left scrambling in our dressers for that perfect nude.

If like me, you like to play around with your skintone {right now, I am pretty morena}, L'oreal's Star Collection is the perfect collection for you:

After the searingly bright tones of summer makeup, L’Oreal Paris, the makeup designer from Paris, brings a glamorous respite from all the color, with neutral hues perfect for every Filipina skin tone and hair color. Taking inspiration from its stunning beauty ambassadors, L’Oreal Paris brings to Manila none other than its most luxurious collection of made-to-measure nude lip couture – the Collection Star by Colour Riche. 

Barely Pink | Doutzen Kroes

This nude pink is inspired by the flawless Dutch skin of Victoria's Secret angel, Doutzen Kroes. This is perfect for pink hued skintones and fair complexions.

This is how it looks on me.

Barely Greige | J.Lo

This is my perfect nude :D The olive skin of Jennifer Lopez is the most fitting background to a beige lipstick by L'oreal.

Barely Coral | Fan Bingbing 

This barely coral shade inspired by Asian actress Fan Bingbing is another favorite. It's the type of nude you want to use when it's summertime and you wanna go out for a smoothie.

Barely Moka | Gong Li 

Barely Moka is a stronger coral, and inspired by another Asian actress, Gong Li. It's so strong, it's almost brown, but beautiful nonetheless.

Barely Plum | Sonam Kapoor

Barely Plum is a stronger pink, with hints of mauve but nevertheless a perfect nude on its muse, Sonam Kapoor, also known as queen of Bollywood.

On me, it looks more pink and bright which I love!

The L'oreal Star Collection will be available nationwide this August 1 at PHP 625. Tell me which one caught your eye?

Happy Tuesday and Eid Mubarak to our Muslim brothers and sisters!


La Tentation de Nina Ricci

>> Monday, July 28, 2014

I had a hard time deciphering what the word tentation meant, and during the press launch, I was click clacking my heels to make it to the afternoon high tea. The week was jammed to the brim, I was running all around the metro, producing one deck after another and fighting some battles, and winning some.

The magic was what I needed. 

Just as whimsical as the new fragrance from Ms. Ricci, the venue of that afternoon was just beautiful, apt and poetic.

Julia Child knew what she was talking about.

La Tentation de Nina is a new limited edition of the original Nina fragrance from 2006. It is born out of collaboration between perfumer Olivier Cresp and Vincent Lemains, the master chef of the famous Parisian patisserie Ladurée. The two men had worked for a long time to develop a fragrance that makes you want to eat it. Together with the fragrance, the new line of Ladurée macarons named Nina is also presented.

La Tentation de Nina is a fresh floral - fruity and gourmand fragrance. It smells like Nina macarons topped with raspberry jam, with lemon drops and rose flavor. The composition begins with citrusy notes of bergamot and goes into the heart of raspberry, almond, lemon and Bulgarian rose absolute, which are connected together in the macaron accord, softened by notes of Bourbon vanilla ,white musk and sandalwood at its base.

Nothing like good music to put you in the mood for something so yummy :D

L'Eau de Nina and Nina is joined by its new incarnation, La Tentation de Nina

Nina and the "bitten" apple

Top Notes: Bergamot
Middle Notes: Lemon, Macarons, Almonds, Bulgarian Rose, Raspberry
Base Notes: Bourbon Vanilla, White Musk, Sandalwood

Overall: La Tentation de Nina Ricci comes off as citrusy at first sniff and dries down into a gourmand whiff of sweetness after some time, depending on one's body chemistry. It's not as sweet nor musky as I'd hoped it to be but it smells youthful, still, and the fragrance is nothing usual. It reminds me of a non-Asian summer, because of the berry notes and the succulent notes in it.

Longevity: Not too bad, I'd say it lasted me 4-6 hours.

Price: PHP 3,900 for 50 mL and PHP 5,050 for 80 mL. There is no denying that this is a premium fragrance, and limited edition, too! Grab a bottle before it's too late!

Happy Monday!


Things I Love Sundays: Paris Dreaming

>> Sunday, July 27, 2014

I've been seated in my choice of café this Sunday and I am liking the way my day is going. Surprisingly, I woke up early today, had my fill of coffee and headed out to brunch. I'm three months away from my Paris trip and the Francophile in me is jumping for joy in the most discreet way possible. As I've recently discovered the joys of DIY travels, I am planning the trip with my friend C, over brunch, capuccino, fish and mash and arugula salad. In between bites, we talk about where to stay {somewhere near Musée d'Orsay}, the daytrips we will take {Normandy, Versailles and Giverny} and where to eat {WHERE??}. I must say it's not very easy, especially when the destination country does not operate in a language you know.

Still, the adventure looms and it's as exciting as ever. We are quite the planners --- from the budget, estimated time and duration, outfits {must!}, train stations to ride and what is near to which.

In other news, it's been an eventful week, but most importantly, my life resumed to its normalcy with the presence of my flavored Coffeemates :P Thank you, C and P!

Paint and Prosecco Nights, thank you, Artdeco!

French dinners and more champagne.

Watched Garden State and I am still enamored by the OST.

Morning choices, thanks, L'oreal Paris!

Being made up by the amazing Nicole Pastrano

New Slang | The Shins Also, people who give you entire playlists you don't have

Bloom | Paper Kites

Ezra Vine | Celeste

It's a happy week ahead for me and I wish you the same thing, too!


This Weekend, #ComeJoinTheCaravan

>> Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In its bespoke glory, The Caravan comes with its second installment called Bespoke: Volume Two, An Affair of Monograms and Stories. Enjoy going through curated and handcrafted jewelry, home decor you can personalize.


Follow the tale of the thread and find something at The Caravan: Bespoke, An Affair of Monograms and Stories. discover a diverse selection of customizable finds on july 26 to 27, 10 AM to 7 PM at the kirov model unit (beside the Rockwell tent), Rockwell Center, Makati.

Bespoke is featuring brands Aranaz, Maureen Disini, Stockton Row, The Best Impressions, Adorno, Camille Villanueva, Michelline Syjuco, The Urban Alchemists, Kiele, NCLA, Crow’s Nest Handmade, Risque Designs, Adamant Eve, Lost + Found, Toni & Guy, Your Local, and more! #ComeJointheCaravan and see you this weekend!



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