Lipstick Love: Happy Skin Bride to Be

Happy Friday, darling readers!

As what the title may have led you to believe, I am not yet a bride, nor bride to be yet. I have been a Maid of Honor to my bestfriend's wedding the other day though so I'm still glowing from being in the presence of romantic forever promises, which is on theme with today's post.

Happy Skin's Bride to Be was part of their 2015 Spring Summer collection and upon seeing the pink hue, I was convinced that it was for me {as I have with Just Say Yes and Style Icon}. Being more on the fairer side, I gravitate towards light pinks which complement my skintone.

This is me wearing Bride to Be 

Just like all Happy Skin lipsticks, this one has the perfect consistency and flattering effect. It's available at all Plains & Prints stores as well as Rustans Beauty Source.

Happy weekend!
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Things I Love Sundays: Namaste

I'd gone back to yoga this week and that is one of the best things I did. Ever done hot yoga on a hot summer day? It's a complete challenge: I kept steadying myself amidst the heat and I was swimming in my own sweat. However, it had been what I needed, a release. 

The week has been a lot about work and then some, online courses left and right and settling down to read. Amidst accomplishing a lot, I feel like a ton is still left to be done, involving today, a Sunday! Anyway, some of the highlights of my week below. 

A friend's miracle. A prayer granted. The start of something new and the end of something. Building new things, having the most amazing friends.

I watched Pitch Perfect 2 over the weekend, and I was laughing, in stitches all the time. :P 

I can't believe it was already Grey's Anatomy Season 11 finale. For once, it was nothing like all the other finales. Maybe the show's growing up, too.

Looking forward to this quite busy but challenging week ahead. I hope you have a great one, too!
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Woman Inspiration: Mad Men's Betty Draper

I don't really watch a lot of Mad Men --- I find the story line too dark and twisty sometimes, and I like my TV time to be light or extra suspense like Grey's Anatomy. But I do like Betty Francis nee Hofstadt nee Draper. I love how icy she is and I love her outfits and her style.

Scroll left and right to marvel at Betty Draper's outfits

I admit it was Buzzfeed's list of why we love Betty Draper got me back to thinking why I love her more than her stylist's fabulous taste in fashion. Some of my favorites below:

  1. That even when shit hits the fan, there is nothing a glass or two (or a bottle) of wine won’t fix.
  2. It’s imperative that you should always be able to throw a side-eye, no matter what you’re doing.
  3. When it comes to men, they should always chase you and not the other way around.
  4. If you’re going to fight, always have the upper hand and set the rules.
  5. Always look impeccable.
  6. Don’t be afraid to let people know that you’re OVER IT.

I'm kind of beside myself as Mad Men approaches its last few episodes and I'm rushing to marathon the episodes I haven't watched in a long time. How about you? Are you a fan of Mrs. Francis?

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What I Know For Sure: #MissAdventure

It's one of those mornings, spent doing my favorite things: eating blueberry pancakes, sipping brewed {hazelnut} coffee and catching up on my personal projects. Also, yes, making a lot of money :P Today's words of wisdom come in the form of Kate Spade's ambassador, and personal icon Anna Kendrick. "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together." Our girl knows it. Also, I just love Anna's look in short: perfect preppy!



I'm inspired to make some more adventures this year --- and you bet I will :P

In other news, some of my #missadventures this week include pink moscato, a lot of shrieking and something that scares me a lot. Some of my week snaps can be seen below. I hope you're having a great week. And to my mom readers, Happy Mothers' Day!

What a privilege to sit in front of really smart people.

My new favorite vino -- something I can stock up on and not worry I might not finish it!

Somebody cooked beef salpicao -- and it was yummy!

My new favorite lipstick: Happy Skin Bride to Be

My current scent: L'Eau d' Issey City Blossom 

Here's my second bride in a bridal shower I organized: My bestfriend Y is getting married in 9 short days! 

These are my hauls from The Body Shop's 19th anniversary -

the UK brand is celebrating in the most awesome way, most of the items are on 50%, 40% and 10% off! Time to stock up on the most amazing cotton pads {burgis, I know, but #sorrynotsorry}, my favorite pink grapefruit body wash, new eye cream and night serum. Of course, my #titasofmanila home fragrance in pomegranate!

So this week, I'm pouring myself a drink, I'm going to kick it back and will brace for a rollercoaster of a week.


Monday Kind of Music

Happy Monday!

May started off gloriously. Well, the only pimple in the complexion was the Pacquiao loss which was a glory in itself. Anyway, it's been a good few days into the month. I'm very well caught up with all my chores, my work tasks and up to speed with all my personal projects. I'm wrapped up once again in cooking so that's taking a lot of my time lately. I love cooking. I'm slowly getting the hang of making meals for other people.

Anyway, here's a somewhat throwback, because it's kind of an old song already but it's my song today. I love how it's cryptic and stuff and you never really know what it means. Ah, me and cryptic stuff.

Samson | Regina Spektor

In other news, I'm giving away {again!} some lipsticks over at my Instagram account:

A photo posted by Tara Cabullo (@champagnedreams) on May 3, 2015 at 11:05pm PDT

Good luck and enjoy the Maybelline May sale!