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>> Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Tuesday, ladies!

It's almost the end of November and I can feel the craziness of the holiday rush. I don't normally go out of my comfort zones {aka The Fort, hehe} but I recently have been out and about so I felt it. WOOO! Super mad traffic everywhere.


I know you miss my beauty updates but I haven't been as sipag here than I was very diligent with my beauty articles over at So I'll bring them over here but I hope you can hop over there, too!

There was this movie I saw at a festival some months ago called Amour Et Turbulences, where the female lead, after many, many years, incidentally sits beside an ex-boyfriend on a plane from JFK to Paris. While it hasn’t happened to me yet, the horror of appearing at my worst beside an ex-boyfriend or a crush inside a plane where we will be together for hours is just a nightmare.

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JURO Salon, as it is known in the city, is probably most popular for this one thing: the price tag. As I found out, a cut does not bear a standard price tag but is almost as much as a brand new car battery or even more–thereabouts. I never really found out how much mine cost as it was complimentary. But as I walked out with my new, multilayered, took-four-hours, precision-cut of a hairstyle, I knew I was walking out with the wisdom of a professional and a haircut that was all me.

Read more about my JuRo Salon story.

At the BDJ Box Beauty Social last month, my fellow Beauty Ministers Nicole and Barbi mentioned that some people have an allergic reaction to even seemingly harmless cosmetics such as BB creams. I don’t know exactly what makes us break out from it but this does not stop us, me in particular, from trying new products such as Happy Skin’s ZZ Cream.

Read more about my review of Happy Skin ZZ Cream

Sometimes, it’s not about us. It’s definitely someone else and it’s bad. As in bad odor. Or bad breath. The first times are always forgivable but as the frequency goes up, it also gets more and more uncomfortable.

That's it for today, ladies! Enjoy the beauty reads, smile and have a great day!


Where to Eat in Manila

>> Monday, November 24, 2014

The funny thing about Manila is that I truly appreciated its cuisine and food offering when I traveled a bit this second half of the year. Blame it on a big appetite or just really curious taste buds, really, but I think Manila's got game when it comes to variety and culinary quality. I am by no means, a food blogger, or a food writer and I recognize how hard it is to be one.

As a confessed picky eater, I am not fan of anywhere that requires lining up or filled with massive groups of people, so I guess that's my considerations when it comes to food.

I am not usually in the mood to talk about my favorite restaurants but since my big boss at work and a friend from Amsterdam asked for some recommendations, especially they're new in the city, I'm compiling my favorites. These are my top restaurants, but feel free to jump in and suggest!

  1. Bamba Bistro, BF Homes Parañaque 55 Aguirre Ave cor Arsenio Luz, B.F. Homes, Parañaque, (02) 519-7097

    This is a small hole in the wall in BF Parañaque which serves the yummiest French Fries Moderne with rosemary and honey and feta cheese. I remember having the just-right sweet baby back ribs and ended my meal with Queen Elizabeth, which was butterscotch cake with caramel. YUM! Like its name, it's pretty bistro-ish, very homey. Also, way far off from the center of Metro Manila.

  2. Duck & Buvette, 2/F Main Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City | (02) 631-0675
    I've rhapsodized about D&B for a long time now and if you ever have a craving for maple candied bacon, the best duck confit in town, and truffled roasted cauliflower.
    This is a good place to go to if you don't mind coming to the Shangri La Mall, which is my second top mall in the PH. My first is Powerplant Center.

  3. Poco Deli, 21 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig, (02) 477-4332. I had a massive craving for bacon slab and rice with egg and Poco Deli, in its simplicity, is the best place to go for that. I especially loved the truffled pasta dish and the homemade gorgonzola ice cream. I took home a cup of red velvet ice cream, too!
  4. Shrimp Bucket, Ground Floor, Grand Hamptons Tower 1, 31st Street, corner 2nd Avenue, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila, (02) 550 2898
    My first meal at Shrimp Bucket was actually not shrimps, but pan seared fish in soy ginger. Recently, I went to the UP Town Center branch and had a taste of the salted egg shrimps. OH MY. SARAP!
  5. Alqueria, Mega Fashion Hall, Megamall. Best Spanish resto according to my Amsterdam-based cousin and I agree! Sarap their gambas, sangria and not too many people when I was there. 
  6. Your Local, Esteban St, Makati City. What I loved so much was Your Local's minimalist, well-curated design. It was far from tacky, which Manila has a lot of. It reminded me of my other favorite restaurant, Wildflour, at BGC, which had wooden interiors and typewritten menus. While I am in no foodie, Your Local's short, well chosen menu is much appreciated in a world of too many choices. So I chose pomelo salad and salmon donburi. YUM!
  7. Wildflour, Net Lima, Bonifacio Global City. It used to be my go to lunch place when I'm feeling extra special, back that time I worked at Sun Life. I loved their mimosas, their kimchi rice, the steak, the breads. I don't think one can order anything bad from this restaurant!
  8. Las Flores, G/F One Mckinley Place, 25th St., Bonifacio Global City (In front of Pacific Plaza). Also one of my go-to restaurants if I have visitors, even now that I'm already in Colgate. Love, love the cocktails, the authentic Spanish vibe, the paella, the fish. Everything :)
  9. Eat Fresh, 691 Jose Abad Santos St., Greenhills, for Chinese street food. Ah, my favorite recent discovery! Be in casual clothes when you come though. Also, there's not a lot of parking slots, here, too!
  10. El Chupacabra for the best Mexican street tacos in town. This one is kinda like a street resto but amazing food, nonetheless.
Where to Go For Filipino Food in Makati, The Fort:

  1. Sarsa, Bonifacio Global City | Modern Filipino food
  2. Sala Bistro, in Greenbelt. For fancy schmancy comfort food dining, come here. 
  3. Sentro 1771, Serendra, for the best top Filipino food.
  4. Kabila, Museum Cafe, Greenbelt
  5. Romulo Cafe, Jupiter St., Makati City
  6. Pino, Pipino in Jupiter St.
  7. Wooden Spoon, Powerplant Center
  8. Namnam, Greenbelt, Makati City
  9. Mesa, Greenbelt 5

Enjoy food tripping!


Things I Love Sundays: Slow Living

>> Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's funny that the universe throws a lot of appropriate sequences in life when you need it. 

My birthday week whizzed by. I keep reminding it to myself because it happened together with so many other tasks and deadlines and before I knew it, it was over. It was a lot of fun though. I already celebrated with my family back in August, so this time it's with my closest friends. It started with an impromptu birthday salubong, then we had dinner in BGC and it ended with another sleepover.  It's interesting to note that I couldn't wait for 12AM because I was too sleepy.

HAHA. To be fair, I did wake up at 5:30 AM that morning.

Anyway, I just came back from a yin yoga class conducted by Victor Ching. It has been a hectic week, yoga was the best possible thing that could happen to me. And it did. As I listened to Dona Esteban, Ria Tirazona, Dinah Salonga of Yoga+ and Dr. Kit Navarro of Beyond Yoga, about holistic living and emotional wellbeing, I realized how neglectful I've been of my emotions lately.

The truth is, I loved the rush. I loved being busier than ever because I didn't have time to stop and feel anything. I didn't have time to be bored and everything was moving according to day to day plan. But now that I look back, I was so exhausted from the mental exercise, from second guessing other people and trying to fit in. Culture dictates career grit to always come first so we always forget being soft and tolerant and forgiving and responding with calmness. I betrayed what I know and what I stand for. I'd forgone yoga in favor of more aggressive sports and I hated being a softie.

So today is all about slow living. About wishing every person I encounter the same happiness I wish upon myself. It's all about training my mind to be calm, clear and on demand. To pay attention in particular way, on purpose in the present moment, non judgmentally. It's to manage what I feel inside so I don't have to manifest anything bad outside. My friend, R, and I were talking about Type As, and as we pored over the description of it, I couldn't help but pray I wouldn't have to turn into something like it. I pray for better stress management/coping mechanism.

It's to take care of myself before taking care of other people. Sure, it's a woman's role --- but not paying attention to your own reproductive health, your own mental, spiritual being, it's going to be eventually bad. You can't give what you don't have, my friends would say. And I believe it. I really think that it's that time now, to really slow down, pay attention to what the body is telling you. Maybe do yin yoga like me. Maybe it's a massage that you want. Maybe it's an extra hour of sleep. Maybe it's a glass of fresh unsweetened juice over chatting with your husband, or your best friend.

In other news, here are some snaps from my week. I hope you had a great one, and I look forward to a calm, tolerant week ahead!

Chanel Coco Rouge Allure | Because my birthday theme is red lipstick!

My birthday OOTD, a nude dress from Forever 21, H&M accessories and my cake!

Love this blowdry from Piandre Salon <3 b="">

Welcome home, my dearest Liz!

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Partying in 25 vs. Partying in 29



Life Inspiration: 28 Lessons from 28 Years

>> Thursday, November 20, 2014

Today, I am 29. Twenty. Nine. When you've had several death scares in life, another year in your life is a miracle. Heck, just one day more everyday is a miracle. When I look back at those days that I've gone scared {and somehow, accepted} that I might die soon, I see these days I live and those ahead of me as miracles.

So yeah. I'm old-er. I read from Amy Poehler that it's best to be older than die young. Oo nga naman. I'm leaving behind a ton of issues today --- there's a perk to growing older. And as a tradition, here's a list of lessons I've learned in the past twenty eight years -- in the hope that I get to learn even more.

  1. Money, in hindsight, is a much smaller problem to have compared to so many issues in life. Not that I don't want to have a lot, and it may be true it can augment a lot of the big problems in life, sure, like the need for the basics, and lots of travel. No amount of money can save someone's lost spirit, withering health or falling out of love.
  2. You can't wait for the right moment forever. When you want to go, you have to go. For so long, I waited to have company to have to go to a restaurant I wanted to eat at, a country I wanted to visit and experiences I wanted to jump into. I shouldn't have, most cases. But I'm glad I learned this early on.
  3. How you judge another is how you judge yourself. This is a powerful thought that guided me out of my incredibly bitchy phase in life though I still let out that innocent bitchy comment once in a while =P
  4. You are what you eat. So don't be anything fast, instant and processed.
  5. Always choose who you spend your time with. It's never worth it to be with people who suck the happiness out of you. When you're older, the amount of crap you put up with significantly decreases.
  6. Better to be overdressed than underdressed. Every single time. But there's a difference with overdressed and overboard.
  7. When you are on the verge of throwing a tantrum, about to hit "Publish" for a rant blog, or simply about to humiliate someone you think is not doing their job, hold it. The world is round, and the universe will always find a way to humble us, in one way or another, and bitter words are hard to swallow. This is something I need to reign myself in, and it's not always easy. But as I learned from numerous humiliating experiences, it's always best to approach things with respect and kindness, no matter how hard it is.
  8. That opportunities are all over the grounds you walk on, you just need to recognize them.
  9. Every once in a while, take off your shoes and dance. Just dance.
  10. If you can't manage yourself, you can't manage anyone else. - Peter Drucker
  11. Guard your heart. Take care of the little jealousies, the petty desperations, the things you give time to everyday. It will make up for the big picture of your life. Also, do cardio.
  12. You never lose anything. Everything is where it should be. I tell this to myself when I lose something like a favorite pen. Or a friendship.
  13. How you do anything is how you do everything. There's never room for sloppy work. 
  14. What you indulge in, or tolerate, you cannot change
  15. You get the love you think you deserve.  In life, in love and in career. Stephen Chbosky was on to something in here.
  16. Know what you'll stand for and your non-negotiables. In life, in career, in love, know what you want. Stand up for something because no one else will fight for it.
  17. Know what you do and kick ass doing it.
  18. Travel. Every chance you get to travel, get it. I was late into the traveling game but I'm grateful I started nonetheless. Travel enriched my whole being in a way I never expected, especially since I've traveled alone in multiple cases. The education it brought to me is nonpareil, and I'd gladly do it all over again. Again and again. I don't think it'll ever be satiable.
  19. She who gets offended first loses. In local parlance, ang pikon, talo. 
  20. No matter how much you plan though, the world has a way of letting things turn out.  When I was seven, I planned that by age 28, I'd be married with kids. Hehe. Well. Look at how that turned out.
  21. Learn your currency early on and let go of the others. It's a lesson I read from Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please, but have learned way back. My currency have always been being smart -- and as I discovered, desire for knowledge. I let go of striving to be the prettiest, the hottest, the most traveled and my life has been easier since.
  22. Let go of what you can't control. 
  23. Trust His timing. It won't always be in sync with your own but the wisdom is always visible from hindsight.
  24. Guard your heart. Don't let the petty issues get to it, all the despair and the hurts. Keep it joyful and spare your heart only to those who deserve it.
  25. Choose your battles.
  26. Keep in mind the regrets you have if only to remind you not to keep making them. No regrets mean having room for the first one.
  27. Until you learn the lesson you're supposed to, you will keep making the same mistake. So -- learn the damn thing fast. 
  28. The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. In matters of love and craft, it's important to keep things paced well.

Happy birthday, little twenty nine me!


MLBB: Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me in The Morning After

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ever since I came back from two weeks of not having a lot of choices, I made it a point to change lipsticks every day. EVERY DAY. Is it just me or changing lipsticks every day is a decision-making enhancing skill?

Today's choice was Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me in The Morning After. It's a beautiful mauve-y lipstick that's just dark enough to be mysterious but light enough to be not too intimidating.

Sizzle in the heat with lips of a summer siren! Be the most kissable on the summer shores with this hot hue that makes your lips say it all! This Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie is sure to help you make that smackin' statement. This lip-loving moisture stick is loaded with Shea Butter and Collagen to get fans to line up for a taste of those supple, hydrated, and ultra-kissable lips. Highly pigmented and moisture-packed, this lippie glides on irresistibly smooth (without the stickiness!) and leaves behind a rich, creamy pout that's way tempting to kiss.

What lipstick are you wearing today? Share with me in the comments section!



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