Things I Love Sundays: New Norms

>> Sunday, December 21, 2014

I have a confession: A night I dreaded for a long time just came -- and passed. It was a night I dreaded so much because I always celebrated that day (and night) with special rites, special people, and most of the time, it was one of the highlights of my week/month/season. For many reasons, and circumstances, it wasn't anymore.

Normally, I'd stuff my schedule with a bustling social calendar so I'd forget. But I wasn't able to, due to the impending carmaggedon that didn't happen. Still, life surprises us in many ways.

The surprises come in the form of newfound friendships, the most enlightening of conversations, midnight drives, the kindness of strangers. I miss my old norm, a norm I am never coming back to but I am happy to be where I am. I'm happy to know these are what awaits me.

Our annual Christmas tradition has been whittled down to 5 but hey, anything 3 and above is still a party!

Healthy meals in the middle of the day

Bumping into someone extremely inspiring

... and also someone kulit and too cute.

... and ending the day with what feels like home.

It's almost Christmas, my darlings.


How Online Shopping Saved the Day

>> Friday, December 19, 2014

What you can't measure, you can't improve is one of those seemingly boring quotes I live by. It's one of the most powerful, too, though. Nowadays, I measure and track every important aspect of my life: What I ate, how many steps I've taken, how many days my cycle has taken, the days I've been having fun, personal ROI, personal profits and losses.

Most of the previous years, I've been doing okay with Christmas gift-giving. I say okay because I actually give my gifts around the week of Christmas, with mediocre-thought gifts, gifts I bought because they're the first thing I saw, not what I intended to give. It's usually because shopping, in the Philippines and during Christmas time, can be quite the b*tch.

This Christmas, I want to salute the internet, e-commerce and some of the online stores I've taken to transact with. Because of these amazing stores, my gifts arrived at my home, some wrapped even, on time and no pagod needed from me. You know what's the best reward from it all? Seeing the recipients of my gift enjoy the gifts they received from me and be happier than when I first approached them. I am not gonna lie: my Christmas expenses ballooned by three times (see?) but this is mostly because I buy one of each gift for myself, too. =P


Some of my best online shop secrets below. Take note for next Christmas!

  1. Seek the Uniq. They have the most well-curated website, the most fabulous coffee tables, caftans, home ware, exotic beauty finds and they wrap everything so nicely. 
  2. Beauty Bar. It's like shopping inside the Beauty Bar but online -- best thing, is that you can just have it delivered to the person you're giving the gift to!
  3. Zalora. Everything fashionable + cosmetic-related, you can find in this fab online store. I love how you can pay COD, too! And if you're looking for something to give to office mates, or chika friends, here's a collection of stylish undergarments at Zalora. I'm thinking of getting more for myself, too!
  4. Instagram. Most days, IG sellers are pesky and annoying. But the ones who don't make kulit actually sell quirky items which I bought for gifts. Yay!
Any online digs? Share!


Smashbox: On the Rocks Holiday 2014

Ah, the sparkle never ends! As I type this, more and more people are spending nights with cheers and Christmas parties. If you're like me, I like Christmas most times, and I like tinkering with things that glisten and twinkle this season.

Check out this collection from Smashbox, called On the Rocks!

This beautiful 28-piece eyeshadow palette caused some minor shrieking when this was introduced to the bloggers last week over cocktails at Bar M.

On the Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Luxe Palette (P2,450): Add a touch of luxe to any eye look with 28 party-perfect shades of best-selling, super blendable Photo Op Eye Shadows —from runway-inspired jewel tones to lush neutrals—in one seriously giftable palette!

In the collection, mini versions of the cult favorite, photo finish, is included, too!

On the Rocks Photo Finish Primer Duo (P2,100): Makeup always looks better with primer! Make your holiday look last from A.M. to after hours with this limited-edition set of Smashbox’s legendary primers. Includes: Full-size Photo Finish Foundation Primer & Hydrating Under Eye Primer.

On the Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette (P1,950): 12 party-perfect shades of best-selling, super blendable Photo Op Eye Shadows —from runway-inspired jewel tones to lush neutrals.

On the Rocks Always Sharp Liner Set (P2,250): Get precisely lined eyes with 5 rich shades of award-winning, self-sharpening liners. Includes 2 limited-edition shades! Shades: Raven, Sumatra, Orchid, Midnight, 3D On the Rocks

On the Rocks Be Legendary Lip Gloss Set (P1,750):
Get a gorgeous, super shiny pout with 5 shades of mirror-smooth Be Legendary Lip Gloss. Includes 2 limited-edition shades! Shades: Azalea, Legendary, Pout, Midnight, Gilt

On the Rocks Brush Set (P3,600): Just in time for the season, Smashbox’s signature brushes got a makeover with glittered handles! Includes: Powder Brush, Angled Shadow Brush, Double-ended Shadow Brush, Double-ended Brow Brush, Lip Brush
What's your Smashbox favorite? Mine would definitely have to be thr brush set!


Love on the Run

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My meal times are becoming more and more interesting -- proof that I'm actually socializing more lately. There were some weeks I actually eat and catch up on whatever book I'm reading or watch an episode I need to catch up on. I told ya, I am a secret introvert. Thankfully, I snapped out of that phase and am back to actual conversations.

Since I hang out with either people younger than me or older than me, we got to talking about the song of our youth. I tried to think of the crazy RNB music that played nonstop when I was in my teens but this would have to be the one with the highest recall. Parang, ito yung Clarity namin, or some Zedd song. Maybe not as mainstream, but I loved this song, danced to this song a lot of times, and jammed to this while driving.

Love on the Run | Chicane
Darn -- the song invokes so many memories! Funny, silly, crazy, scary memories. It's hard to imagine they happened just maybe a little less than 10 years ago. So much has changed since. And as much as I am fond with them, my guess is that they're just bound to remain that: memories.
Ah, what Chicane can do on a slow Tuesday afternoon.


Things I Love Sundays: Christmas-y

>> Sunday, December 14, 2014

So. This is how it feels to be back in Christmas season. Last year, the country chose to keep it simple as the typhoon Yolanda battered Visayas. Now that we're back in the swing of things, where Typhoon Ruby didn't do as much, it's great to be celebrating with friends, colleagues, family.

Before you see the glittery photos and the smiles, I guess it should be said that it's actually tiring. Christmas season is draining --- the driving, the traffic in the city, the themes, the effort. But after all the troubles, seeing and sharing laughter, food and exchanging gifts, it's all worth it.

With my fellow beauty minister, and blogger friend, Nicole at Nest

Liz and I

It's been six years of blogging and the best reward of it all is getting to be friends with these ladies

My office colleagues and our fun Grecian themed party 

... and office barkada with a funny tita night theme :P

And my Europe group <3 b="">

Beyond the expensive gifts, the giftwrapping frenzy, the themed parties and the overflowing calendars, I think that Christmas really just boils down to one thing: Love.

Happy to have it this season of merriment. Hope you do, too!



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