OOTD: How to Spot a Parisienne

>> Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I did not realize I dressed up like a Parisienne until my lovely partner in crime, Shenny, posted about it on her blog post from the I Am Meg Launch Party at Skye last week. If anything, I never hid my fascination with Parisiennes' way of eating, fashion and generally, style of winging it in life.

Coincidentally, I was reading my Twitter feed when I saw Christine's tweet at the time she was reading an issue of Gentlewoman and tweeted this photo:

Navy. A French girl is never without her nautical sense of fashion. Maybe {I wish!} I really had an inner Parisienne in me:

Striped top: Pink Manila
Trousers: Gifted {Hello, Jeremy!}
Tributes: Parisian by SM {Ooh, incidentally}
Bag: Parisian by SM {Seriously, their stuff are really nice}
Necklace: Nava
Earrings: Pink Box
Bangles: From India
Watch: Anne Klein
Nails: Beauty and Butter

 This day is my usual I-need-to-buckle-down-to-my-seat-and-work day. Most days, I am seated at my work station at work, pondering over life so I had thought to myself: why not wear tributes while doing so? I had a jumpsuit waiting at my car for the Meg party after work but ended up wearing this ensemble instead because I had been lacking some female drive to dress up that night.

What do you think?

*Photos by A. Samantila

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