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>> Thursday, January 3, 2013

... or it can. But you'll just never know.

Most days it's okay to be devoid of anything --- heck, I actually like it when I am not wearing any makeup. A girl's gotta let her hair down sometimes. And sometimes, she has to be on her toes.

Like that sudden important, career-changing meeting. Or that surprise date with the boyfriend. Or that impromptu night out of dancing with the girls. Any which way, life is full of wonderful surprises and I for one, am an advocate of being pretty whilst being in those surprises --- and having white teeth to boot.

1 Toothbrush {Acca Kappa}  --- because what for is a pretty smile if the breath ain't too nice? 2 Your favorite blush brush {The Balm, Beauty Bar} to apply 3 a natural blush that mimics the shade of your cheeks when you see your crush {NARS Orgasm} 4 An instant whitening toothpaste {Close Up White Now} because moments do not wait 5 A red lipstick to punctuate the moment {Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle} Prettify them lashes before fluttering them with a mascara {Maybelline The Falsies} 7 And a pretty, glittery makeup bag too hold it all  in {Bebe}

What's on your kit?

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