The Arsenal: Golla Laptop Bag

I cannot say how ecstatic I've been since pretty and cushioned laptop bags have become mainstream.

Back in the day, about seven years ago when I had my first ever laptop, there were no styles other than the standard black bags which were, face it, UGLY.

Nowadays, and ever since stylish and tote-able laptop bags came, I am not afraid of looking like a boring corporate person anymore.

Everyday EssentialsMy Laptop {inside the red Golla bag}, my BDJ planner, a book I'm reading at the moment, and my huge CMG bag.

There it is: All Cushioned Up Regardless of what I'm wearing, the red of the bag is a pop of color in my sometimes very neutral outfits.

Best of all, my laptops are protected! Want your own Golla bag?

Protect your expensive gadgets {without having to look boring!} with Golla!

Here are the easy steps to getting that chance to win one for yourself:

1. Take a photo of you, and your favorite gadget. Explain why it’s your favorite, and why you love it so much!

2. The photo should have 1024×768 resolution and shall not exceed 1MB. It can be modified or edited and may contain text but should be void of offensive content.

3. Email your official contest entry to :

4. Contest entries will be uploaded at Golla’s Facebook Page

5. Upon our upload, tagged at least 50 of your friends to your entry

6. Ask your friends to “like” and comment on your entry.

7. Contest is 70% based on number of likes and 30% based on quality of entry.

8. Contest runs from

March 15, 2011 to April 15, 2011

9. Contestants will have the chance to ask their friends to vote for their entry until April 15, 2011 12 noon.

10. Winners would be notified through email. Oh and Golla Bags are available in the following stores: The Travel Club, Globe Telecom, Bratpack, Fullybooked, Istudio, Hello Telecom, Fashion Rack, PowerMac, Island Souvenir, A Shop, and Pixelpro!

Good luck!