Things I Love Sundays: Dreams

Eating a peach while sitting on the grass, looking at the lake. Waking up without an alarm and not having to rush. Having my mom voluntarily take care of my laundry {just because she wants to}. Talking to my dad about derivatives and stocks during breakfast. Bonding with my mother over kitchenware and furniture. Summers in the north.

A shopping sprint. My favorite lake, my secret garden. Warm laundry. Violets. Moon Mist ice cream. Tim Horton’s. Blonde babies. Blonde babies who baby talk in French. Being faraway from the reality. Being under the sun where the wind is blowing and there’s a bit of chill. Seeing puffins. Seeing puffins that look like they’re on Happy Feet. Seeing baby seals. Eating a gigantic spoon of ice cream every day. Shopping for peach water. Going to an Amish-esque village. Meeting a blacksmith. And a wood furniture man. Seeing the Titanic museum. Knowing that at the end of the day, when you know what matters to you, everything else don’t.

Happy week ahead!
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