#GirlBoss Series: How to Practice Leadership in the Workplace

If there's anything I wish there were more of in the country, it's women mentors. In the workplace, I find that women tend to pull down other women more than actually raise them up. In the restrooms, it's more likely to hear catty gossip sessions than praise other women. In my 10 years {gasp!} of career so far, I'm glad to have found women mentors who have shared their wisdom with me and helped me get to where I am now. Today, we focus on practicing leadership even if we are not the boss in the organization.

1. Seek mentoring opportunities. Whether it's to teach someone your career skills, Excel magic, or life decision making, or the chance to ask someone what to do with yours, how to negotiate a raise, or where to go for MBA, recognize the opportunity and jump on it. As for me, I love it when women younger than me ask me about how the career landscape has changed over time and how I see myself in the next five years, how to keep a steel stomach in the workplace and how to achieve some sort of work life balance.

2. Establish some form of informal authority. This would be where you harp on your expertise such as creating pivot tables, making a business case, international relations, and consider holding sessions to teach colleagues about it. This increases your "leadership score" among your work environment.

3. Circulate. On some days, grab someone whose thoughts, passions and ideas interest you and ask them out to lunch. This way, you keep getting exposed to various ideas, share yours to different ones and learn something new. 

4. Become the industry expert. The good thing about not being in management is you get the time to learn advancements in your industry. I do this by constantly reading on my expertise {Digital Marketing}, attending conferences, watching YouTube channels and discussing ideas with fellows.

5. Lead a project. When that offer gets on top of the table, grab it. Nothing like a multi, cross functional project to showcase leadership skills, or get to know different working styles and people. Who knows, that might earn you a promotion, too.

Don't wait to become the boss to lead. Happy Tuesday :)