Things I Love Sundays: The Family You Choose

Slow Mornings by Christiann Koepke | Unsplash

Slow Mornings by Christiann Koepke | Unsplash

I always think of the phrase my dad tells us, “You can’t choose family so you have to treat family right,” and rightfully so — family is family for a reason. I do have wildly unpopular opinion for some others —- something I’ll talk to you over wine or whiskey.

And then there are people you meet, not for a ver long time now, no, but still feels like the home you want to go to at the end of a day, a rough week or just a lazy and languid Sunday.

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Just this weekend, too, we celebrated the upcoming baby of a friend I’ve met from work, too. Amazing how we can still make friends far from kindergarten or high school. Life is funny that way I guess.

That said, I’m thankful for the little addition {but a big resource hog, LOL} little one, Puffins. He is the son of Butters and wow, he takes up all our time lately! But like any new baby, this guy makes our little family feel complete and even more amazing. Mike, Butters and Puff make me feel like the luckiest woman every day indeed.


All is right in the world again.