Another reason to love my job

As a college student, some X years back, I always had this dream of going to the ad congress. Blame it on the witty ads. Who could forget Kuya Manong's 'Donut Buy' line? Or Joey Mead's alluring version of such common line, "Kuya, patikim naman ng balls mo." The Ad Congress simply, is a gathering of the country's best, brightest, most creative people (McCann's Emily Abrera, BBDO's David Guerrero and the Fernando Zobel de Ayala are a few). For people in the creative industry, the AdCon is the king of congresses in the country.

I can't NOT attend at least once.

I had not been as lucky to have been part of an ad agency earlier in my career life. When I joined my current company, I never thought I'd be part of the select delegates our company would send to this year's ad congress. Though the congress is pretty much local, the fees for it can be really expensive, probably as expensive as my dream couch.

The passport to fun

Can you already tell how excited I am? I am now packing my stuff for tomorrow's trip to Subic, (very very clueless on what to wear, though) where the Ad Congress will be held. It was originally planned to be done in Baguio, however, typhoon Pepeng happened. Let me say though that the PANA folks have done a great job in disseminating info! After all, we were all settled with our booking at the hotel and arrangements have been made. As if that was not enough, they are dedicating this year's congress to all the flood victims, even donating portions of the payments to the unfortunate.

Oh. And a party plus Ad Con on my birthday? Not bad at all.
Till next week, ladies!