Things I Love Saturdays

For weeks, when asked how my week was, all I could say is: "Where do I begin?"

For many months, whenever my non-work life was not too busy, my personal life's busyness would be flying off the charts. And when work became too busy for comfort, my personal / social life always, always suffered. Not that it matters, we all need that rush of having a sense of purpose. The past of couple of weeks have been exhausting, in a great kind of way. For the first time in a long period, I was churning out project after project, found myself in different parts of the city for shoots, sat through meetings without droning, extended work hours for bosses on the other side of the world and spent time with people I love and care for the most.

Where do I begin?

 Chasing After You. Remember the day I read Looking for Alaska? I literally
had to chase this book around Makati and found it on my third stop. I don't usually chase
after books {or anything, save for my dreams} but this one was so elusive I just had to.
And it felt sooooooo good.

On my way back to the office, I picked up after other items: Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert
not for me but as a birthday gift to one of my closest friends.

Madonna: Like an Icon by Lucy o'Brien, a gift from Tiny. I have an obsession with 
biographies and the most I have is the ones of the Material Girl. It's amazing how many
things you still get to discover about people even though you've read a ton of their

Discovering a genre/author you wouldn't have read otherwise. This happened to me as I found
getting goosebumps reading Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild. I still have not finished it, am trying
to savor the last few pages of goodness this book is. I am not one to read outdoorsy books
and never one to want a journey to Alaska but this --- it's amazing.

Ain't no Maria Clara.
I am against wearing ugly underwear, against making uninformed choices {yes, I'm pro-choice}
and hiding behind the all-Catholic schoolgirl we {most of us anyways} were raised to be.

Wine with Sasha, Shen and Liz and having conversations that are real as it gets.

Capuccinos. Chicken Apple Salads and Kahlua Butter Cake
with friends at Chocolate Kiss, UP Diliman.

It amazes me how books can make free time magically appear.
The past week, I found myself doing every single thing I have on my list
and still manage to squeeze these in between.
And thank goodness for online bookstores <3

I loved Sex and the City and always will. Now that I have read
every one of Carrie's quandaries, I've moved on to reading the essays
of the woman behind the show's wit {and no, it's not Candice Bushnell}.
It's a story of a man who leaves his life and joins a circus. The movie
is due to come out soon, too, starring Reese Witherspoon and
Robert Pattinson.

Morning Habits. Mine is reading up on whatever interests me for the day
{a travel book on Spain, in this instance} and peppermint tea, after a cup of
the inevitable coffee, though.

Information for Foreigners, a play originally written by Griselda Gambaro of Argentina,
and directed by Anton Juan Jr. intends the audience to witness a world where things have slipped out of our daily hustle.

If there was a phrase I could summarize it with: it's a sucker punch in the stomach one
so rightfully deserves.

Getting to post another OOTD, something I have not done in months!
Tank top with frills: Forever 21
Jacket: Details
Jeans: Mango
Red flats: CMG
Bag: CMG
Bangles: Chick Flick

Getting drenched in the rain for John Mayer's concert and having an excuse to
buy new clothes but I may be writing about that on a separate post. Maybe.

Companies that take the time to care about your safety.

Saying goodbye to people but knowing you'll see them again one way or another.

What was your week like? I hope you don't know where to begin, too.
I'm off to get my TV fix {gee, I can't believe how much these series make me happy}!