Birthday Eve at Casa Nami Surf Pub

Or alternately titled I'm Old Enough to Diss Tugsh Tugsh Now.

I honestly did not have any plans.

When Friday struck, I had an incredible feeling of wanting to finish all my labahin {work to-dos} so I could start fresh this week and deal with all the happenings {there's a LOT, it's cuhrazzyy}. It's a feeling I have not experienced in a while and I'd like to credit the amazing concert I saw on Thursday night. Until after Manila Bulletin's 3D Newspaper launch did I actually had plans, one which included a semi-roadtrip within Makati with two of my best girls Shen and Phoebe with Hubs in tow. It was about three or four stops until we landed at Casa Nami on Jupiter St. {above the famous Whistlestop}.

The only decent photo I have because I was so busy making chika
and (responsibly) drinking away.

It was packed, but not so packed like your normal club scene, which latter's charm is starting to wear off on me. The first thing I noticed was the theme: surfing. At the door is a sign that says, "If you're not barefoot, you're overdressed." I honestly considered taking off my four inch heels but decided against it, just in case no one was barefoot {of course, no one was, ano ba}.

My dates, S and P.

I could instantly tell I would like the place. It was my first time to set foot on their surfboard-laden walls and relaxing wooden floor boards. They also had very interesting posters, authentic boards {have I said that yet?}. I have read about this through Tisha's blog as affirmed by Sab {Php 85 Cuervo shots, hell yeah!}. The opportunity came and so I paid it a try. 

The Good:
  •  No one below 25. I woulda been the youngest person at Casa Nami that night. As I was saying this, Shen commented, "Pero bata ka pa eh," to which I replied, "Yep, 24. Bukas 25 na." Shen shrieked and said, "Birthday mo bukas? Oh my gosh!" And so my birthday salubong was in order. Kidding aside, I surveyed the crowd and was pleased to see no one was dressed like a Burgos St. regular {if you know what I mean}, nor guys who give you a look of judgment if you're hit-on worthy once you pass through the doors. No one looked like they were trying to impress anyone, everyone seemed to be so engrossed with the music and the conversations. Shen even said, "It's not the music that's more overpowering, it's the chatter."
  • The music. No bubblegum pop trash, nor trance music which is fine sometimes but not after four hours of sipping your beer / drink, gets to be the culprit of a pulsating headache. There's no R & B, no profane hip hop or rap, only pure rock and roll and alternative rock goodness. I remember hearing Goo Goo Dolls, Marcy Playground, Stone Temple Pilots, Gin Blossoms {just had to play Hey Jealousy at 12 AM, heehee}, Matchbox 20 and many others from the same era. One's knee jerk reaction is to sing along. Shen and I started dancing when Mr. Brightside leaked through the speakers. The band that played on Friday night was awesome, too, rendering a beautiful cover of John Mayer's Back To You but it was a monumental fail to have lolo bands on a Saturday night {Whyyy? and yes we were there again, with Jheng this time}.
 Uh yeah, I was having fun.
Taken by Miss Ramos {Thank you, love}

  • The Dress Code. Or lack thereof. There are times I want to dress up and there are times that I don't. And most of the time, I am in work-appropriate {err, almost} clothes. The crowd of Casa Nami if you showed up in shorts, in a polo/slacks ensemble or even a *blush* suit, wouldn't care. In my case, while I was not exactly garbed in my shorts, I was dressed casually in a lace/crochet cami top from Ensembles, a yellow floral skirt from Mango and beige Pill heels. It was perfect that no one cares if I wasn't in couture / fasyon wear.
  • The Food. I wasn't particularly hungry when I reached Casa, but P and H ordered Casa Wings, Php 225 {the hottest, spiciest wings I've had in a long time} and while my eyes teared up on how hot it was, I could not resist because it was soooooo good. Add to that the bleu cheese dip and you're in for a gastronomic delight. I've read other reviews of it and they only have good things to say.
We have plump lips, thanks to Casa Wings.
  • Smoking area. There's a little section devoted to smokers so we just visit that when we need to light up. It makes it lazier to stand up, too, therefore less sticks.
  • Location. Though we mistook it for the other side of Jupiter, if you know Whistlestop, you wouldn't get lost. 
  • No pesky males who ask for your number.  I wouldn't mind if they were suave, in suits or just charming. But not pesky guys {sorry, but even Republiq, Encore and other upscale bars has these species.} Casa Nami doesn't.
  • 85-peso Cuervo shots. If you're a tequila drinker, you'd like this. Unfortunately, I'm not, but because it's my birthday, Shen and Phoebe made me have one. Liquid courage, yeah!
 Dreading it.

30 seconds to midnight. Oh can you see I'm pimple-in?
The Bad:

  •  Beer is a little more expensive than normal. But just little, at Php 70 each. Coronas are at Php 150 so pwede na rin. But still, having been a Makati girl for three years now, I'm used to Php 40 beers. 
  • Parking space can be hard to find. It's on Jupiter St., let's not ask for too much.
  • The Lolo Bands. If it weren't a Saturday, it would have been okay.

With all things considered, I may be {not closing possibilities here} ending my affair with the tugsh tugsh generation. I'm 25, after all.

Love, pink nail polish and happiness,