Lip Loving: L'oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine in Pink Nude

When I posted my last two FOTDs, I noticed that people have commented on two things: my skin and my lipstick.

Since I've started working, I have wearing lipstick everyday, sometimes pale, sometimes red. No matter what I do, I always have a tube of lipstick with me. Whether it be a meeting at work, a photo shoot, or a gab fest with the girls, I am always, always armed with my little weapon: my lipstick.

So when I say that we can never really have enough lipsticks, the same we do with our clothes, our shoes, our books, our bags, err... do I hear an amen??

Our lovely friends from one of my favorite brands, L'oreal, sent a lovely gift, one of their newest products this quarter: L'oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine in Pink Nude.

The classic Color Riche lipstick franchise now welcomes a new addition-- Color Riche NutriShine. With 8 unique shades under its belt, this new line of moisturizing lipsticks gives a healthy burst of color to the lips, while nourishing like lip balm and shining like lip gloss.  With Royal Jelly + Shea Butter, Color Riche NutriShine helps lips become naturally healthy and super shiny. 
When I used to skip lipsticks and settle for lip balms or glosses, it is probably for the same reason that most women do: because lipsticks tend to be hella drying. Rarely do we come across lipsticks that offer lasting color. In my experience, I can vouch for some MAC lipsticks, but I guess that's it.

When I roadtested this little shiny, sheeny thing, I noticed that I could skip lip balm if I'm really, really late {totally not advisable for this weather but hey, it worked for me!}.

Yikes, hello finger prints :|

It's more baby pink-ish in person.

Would it pass for an MLBB {My Lips but Better} lippy?
I think so!

The Good:
  • Glides on the lips ever so smoothly. It must be the shea butter and royal jelly on it.
  • Doesn't dry out the lips even after hours of application, as compared to some lipstick which look flaky after an hour.
  • Doesn't tug the lips as some do when a lip brush is not used.
  • Color is still visible even after I had my coffee and lunch and I usually look at it longingly before brushing my teeth after lunch because I really like it on me.
  • No icky smell.
  • Price is at Php 675 which is very reasonable for a lipstick that lasts long.
  • I really like that the tube clasps itself, preventing accidentally opening the lip stick and exposing it.
The Bad:
  • My fingerprints appear on the tube but that's just minor, really.
The L'oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine lipsticks are available in 8 colors but I have to report back on the available shades {I saw Shiny Grapefruit, a lovely fuchsia and I can't wait to get my hands on them!}and did you hear? L'oreal makeup is on sale at 25% off until December 25!

What lipstick are you loving today?

*Product was provided as a gift and this is not a paid review. Thankyouverymuch.