Things I Love Sundays: Books and Friendships

No one can ever really go wrong with books and friendships, don't you think?

I was musing to myself on Saturday afternoon after I woke up from a deep nap, of the things that I have done or accomplished over the latest week and while yes, I knew there had to be a hundred reasons why I was so tired, I suddenly asked myself: "What have I done this week?"

Is this adulthood? Being able to do things perfunctorily and not remember them, or the experience or the feeling?

But thankfully, my reliable social networking sites have done a good job of documenting the week that was and if I need to summarize them in two words they will be: Books and Friendships.

The Book that I Got Because I was so Sad which Made Me Cry Even More.
Despite the buckets of tears I shed over this, I still like you, One Day.
More on you tomorrow.

The Beauty of Mauve Lipstick. Such fun, I tell ya.
Thanks, Sasha!

In the middle of a dreary, stressful day, dark chocolate with cherries
is a savior.

A book I've been looking for the longest time, a friend who took
the effort to surprise you, and a handwritten note.

Midweek night out with friends, in this photo with Tin and Soki
at Bordeaux, Bellagio Square

... which means a little of quality time with my favorite drink: Corona and Lemon
at Rue Bourbon, Burgos Circle

Books by the bedside are piling up big time BUT I'm not complaining.
From top to bottom:

Oh and since it's the weekend, and I had time to go book shopping
{and yes, I had to distract myself}, MORE BOOKS!

 From top to bottom:
Cathie Black's Basic Black 
Love Letters of Great Men and Women
Brains on Fire by Robin Phillips, Greg Cordell, Geno Church and Spike Jones

Oh! And finally, the BFF and I joined the Pond's Flawless White challenge
and the first post is up:

Visit the Pond's website to see the other challenge takers and see
us glow all the way in 14 days. Dang, I and some more beauty bloggers
will be reviewing products from the PFW line, so do stay tuned!

Here's to a week filled with reading in between breakfast bites, before
taking a shower and after, and before sleeping.

What did you love most about your week?