Fashion Dream Come True #2: The Boots

It's been a little less than three years since I've worn boots, the last time being a cold week in Hong Kong back in '08. I do recall wearing the same pair {which I bought there} sometimes in the office, enveloping my skinny jeans, forgetting jeans on a non-Friday are no-nos in a corporate setting. The HR Manager flashed me a thumb sign as I quickly ducked into an open elevator when this realization sunk in.

 Somewhere in Hong Kong | 2008
{That's me in an awkward pose with some nice car parked awkwardly.}
Inner top: Memo
Jacket: from Hong Kong {which I used again three years after!}
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: from Hong Kong
Bag: from The Ramp

What can I say, it was cold. Cold enough to be wearing boots in Manila.

I don't remember wearing them again and I know I just kind of forgot about the pair I got for a really good price in Kowloon somewhere in the back of my shoe closet. I guess I can't really be blamed: who can think of wearing boots in a country with only two seasons: hot and hotter?

I truly was planning on buying a pair suitable for single-digit weather but as expected, there weren't any that I could find here and I was not too keen on buying online for fear of finding something in Toronto which I'd like better and end up with a luggage a pair of boots heavier. And I was right.

Aldo Alberta in 37 with hidden heels <3

I found this pair at an outlet store somewhere in Brampton, Toronto, when my friend's {extra cool, I should say} cousin took us around the shopping haven that city was, in the middle of my entire Canada trip. It was almost the end of the day and I was feeling a bit exhausted {as well as my debit card} when I saw it and felt an immediate connection. 

There were rows upon rows of boots but this one seemed to be the only one
detected by my shoe radar.

I immediately tried it on and as confirmed by my fasyon friends, this one fits the bill. Together with another pair, I lined up at the till {got more discounts, too, yay!} and paid for my purchases. I was a happy girl. I was so happy with my purchase that I declared I could go hungry for the night {of course, I didn't but you already know that}. Too, I needed a pair because my outfits during that vacation was getting too boring for words. Luggage limit made me stick to jeans and do laundry most days or repeat some items. *cry*

What attracted me to this ubiquitous piece of awesomeness was its suede material, a suitable lining and the uncommon closure, which spoke to me from nine meters far. In a country and season which weather ranged from 7 degrees C to 22, I needed a pair. Really.

Besides, no one can go wrong with boots. Be it with jeans or dresses. And so I made the most of it because now that I am back in the city of Manila, I am not quite sure when I will ever be able to wear it again {okay, maybe I can plan a cold-weather city trip or something}.

Exhibit A: At the Union Station, getting off from our very nice rented car.
{My eyes are obviously bagong gising.}

 Bound for Hogwarts {No, not really} at the VIA Rail Station.
{The Hong Kong jacket makes an appearance again!}

 At King Street W, just outside the Sun Life Global Headquarters {of course, love your own!}
Dress: from Singapore
Tights: George
Trench Coat: Promod

At the Lester Pearson International Airport in Toronto
Top: Alexane
Jacket: from Hong Kong
Jeans: Lee
Belt: Room 707

At the Canada Place in Vancouver, BC.

Dress: from Bangkok
Tights: Marks & Spencer
Cardigan: Merona
Belt: Room 707

At the Public Library in downtown Vancouver
Top: from a flea market in Singapore
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: George

I wish I could wear boots more often, what about you?
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