Summer Calling

In this uncomfortable, discombobulating weather, no one, and I mean it, no one, can question the lengths our outfits would go to ----- be it short airy pair of shorts, a breezy maxi dress or a knee-length floral skirt. The weather, no matter how much I hate it these days, is my excuse, after all.

Last weekend was our company away day at the rather convenient and beautifully manicured Punta Fuego. While the memo stated 'Official Company Shirt' for the attire, I managed to change into a summer dress wanting to be taken out of my closet for a long, long time:

My maxi dress from Bangkok finally gets air time!
{Well, for the second time after two years.}

Dress: Bangkok
Flip flops: Havaianas

I have been harboring this maxi dress {a dress I shrieked over at MBK} for the longest time and couldn't wear it until it was officially summer! In a country like the Philippines, anything that's out of the ordinary is sure to get you piercing looks and stares {of course, I did, especially when I came out in a floral fedora} but hey, it's summer. No one can't make me wear jeans even if they pay me.

Oh and because it was a 'work' thing, I had no choice but put on something with a collar {haha, no not really} for cover up during swim time.

Don't be deceived, I can hardly play.
Photo by: Owen Tugaoen

Bikini: Soak Swimwear
Button Down: Cotton On
Denim jeans: Cotton On

What's your summer-only outfit? Broke out any clothes in hiding?