It's funny how we make decisions in the blink of an eye. 

 It's not a lonely planet after all.

When I made the list to the blueprint of the next one and a half year, I meant to write down what my heart wanted from the get go. While I did spend some time pondering on what I truly wanted to accomplish in my quarter year, I now think that I created an imbalanced list which was biased towards pleasure and impracticality.

I first thought of amending the list back in January. But back then, I thought I might just be awash with the hopes of an even more epic 2011, that I might not be thinking thoroughly {yet} again. So I waited. For about five months.

With a year into the time frame, half the goals accomplished and five more months to go, I am swallowing the pride I put into posting this for public consumption. Together with this post and list, I am amending some of the goals I have originally mandated myself to do and sharing with you the ones that I deem more beneficial to me {and mankind}, and are more balanced, and darn achievable {WTH was I thinking going to almost all the continents in one and a half year?!}.

Among those that are affected by the amendment session that I had are the following:


17. Party hard in Ibiza, Spain. Lie topless in Rio de Janeiro or go walking and weeding in the streets of Amsterdam. Euro-trashing, anyone? Most people want to visit Europe {okay, Brazil ain't Europe} because of the lovely architectural sights and that includes me! But when I visit Europe or Brazil, which should be in the next 1 1/2 years, I want to do something definitive of their crazy lifestyle.

My Canadian trip was an unforeseen one and it being a long trip at that, I don't want to subject my savings to even more torture {even if I do get help from my parents}. A European trip this year is not practical at all but definitely, definitely, this will be happening next year.

Replacement: Since I did not put that many activities to the betterment of my health, I am adding the one below:

17. Pursue Yoga. Not to sound rather preachy nor ambitious but I do have been thinking a LOT about engaging regularly in yoga. I have heard multitudes of benefits from this practice and from the looks of these benefits {zen and fitness, among many others}, I think I am going to be a huge fan. Susan Jeffers said, "Feel the fear but do it anyway." I am scared of committing to something {in fact I don't commit to a lot *cry} but if I don't do this now, there might never be a better time.

UPDATE: My friends R and C and I have tentatively booked a session this Thursday. Also, I got my mat and yoga stuff a week ago and I am now keeping my fingers crossed that nothing comes in the way of this pursuit.

UPDATE: See this.


18. Get married in Las Vegas. This has a pre-requisite though. I would have to fall in love first! Though I know this is kind of a cliche in the US, being only part of the audience when someone crazy does it {just like in the movies} makes me want to do it so, so, bad. However, I do not want this to be my real wedding though. What I am thinking is I could go there for honeymoon and get married again, too! Okay, maybe this can wait till I'm 30.

Now, now. I do want to get married eventually and I want to get married in Vegas {for kicks and THAT is after I get married in my dream venue: Provence} but I have no dreams of getting married this year even if it was Vegas. Even if it's for free. Besides, obviously, with me being single and all five months before the deadline, I don't think this is going to happen, not with me being still single and no prospects in the horizon. So, in line with that, and tuning to my attention to a more important matter:

So instead:

18. Earn 50% more than what I am earning now. My lifestyle isn't exactly cheap and with automatic savings and investments coming out of it, it's imperative that I actively take steps into earning more. 50%, in my opinion and looking at my situation, is a realistic goal.

UPDATE: I'm a blessed person for I've received more than 50% of my total active and passive income over the course of this age bracket.


Speaking of letter A:

1. Go to New York City, and see a broadway show, amongst many, many things. STATUS: I am doing the first step to doing this dream in a few short days and my toes are all curling in excitement and I need all the well-wishes I need for this. TIA! When I tried my luck the last time, I can distinctly remember not having this utmost, almost feverish passion as I have now. And being a believer of the universe and its powers, I know that one will get something, anything, if one wants it that bad. And I want it, THIS bad.
Nope, this ain't possible, too. Unless of course some magical force makes me fly to NYC without making me go on Leave Without Pay {hrhr, I have used up my leaves!}, then this is not doable this year. Instead:

1. Go skinny dipping. And yes, I am totally aware that Mother, you are reading this. Have always been insecure with my body though it's not like I would be parading in the sun buck naked. My idea of skinny dipping is of course jumping into the seashore, running, dipping and going back to my clothes. In the night. No daytime skinny dipping for me lest my mother kill me for going naked in public. If I do, I will never tell. xoxo

I am wishing this nagging feeling of achieving everything in my list doesn't go away. For a week, actually, I had been a lethargic waste of space {thus no posts at all!} and it was when I have gone back to running every morning that I was able to regain my footing in my life. I am crossing my fingers this doesn't stop.

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,