Day 5: Your dream house

I am not choosy with homes. In fact, it took me a while to know what I'd really like because in Manila where it's impractical to keep your dream home -- well, it's easier to be realistic.

Anyway, I dug far and deep to remember what kind of home I'd love to have given the space and resources and this is by far the best illustration I found of what I want:

Pumpkins optional via Sweet Home Style

I have mad love for Victorian houses. There's something with the intricate designs, the steps leading to the front door, the bay windows, multicolored walls, narrow roofs, cone-shaped turrets --- ah, I am in love just thinking about it. I'd love to have one in turquoise and white and butter yellow. The windows will stream the sunshine in and it will be salmon-y when it's five in the afternoon. It would be lovely to have greenery outside, and trees and flowers and dandelions and leaves that turn red in autumn. LOL, I realize that this is really not possible in Manila.

Then again, the subject said dream house. 

What's yours?