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Tara's Power Combo: Catrice Prime & Fine + Essence Translucent Powder

In one of those rare Thursdays, on a very innocuous afternoon, I dropped by the Bhagi's Beauty Backstage Event hosted by Team Project Vanity and I was floored to have discovered beauty brands I've only heard of but haven't really tried. For someone who has been kind of a beauty blogging absentee since I've immersed myself in telco, this is a treat because it's like a beauty event x8! Hooray for me! 

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Valentine's Day Thoughts, 2017

The Internet is awash with love stories here and there -- and every year, stories become wider in spectrum. Love is not anymore a linear retelling of a romcom you may have watched some years ago. Love exists in many forms, not necessarily romantic, and not necessarily nakakakilig. Mark Manson, in an interesting and thorough method of survey detailed it: 

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L'oreal Infallible Makeup Collection

Lately, I've been front and center of many conversations featuring women who are lady bosses or inspiring other women, coaching younger gals. Recently, I've gotten to consuming more and more videos of female empowerment via YouTube {Rachel Talbott, Estee Lalonde, Boho Beautiful, Margo & Me}. There's also this podcast I've began listening to, Mentoring Moments by Forbes Women and locally, The Purposeful Creative by Arriane Serafico are favorites. I am inspired by these women, and I always think: with all these little things we need to do like fix the laundry, give instructions to the househelp, cook dinner, wash the dishes, where do they find the time and energy to retouch?

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On K-Beauty: CosRX Reviews

Oh, K-Beauty. Who doesn't lust over the perfect soft skin of Koreans spread all over our Facebook feeds, right? And for the life of my beauty blogging career, which is maybe by now, 9 years, Korean Beauty has always earned its holy grail status from women everywhere. For me though, my experiments have been confined to the makeup department for the most part, as some tend to be too cute and quirky for me until I found some brands that have worked on my skin. My friend Sophie have been telling me about CosRX for the longest time and so here I am, finally telling you how awesome it is.

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Benefit Porefessional Pore Minimizing Makeup

Today, I'd like to share with you my review of Benefit Porefessional Pore Minimizing Makeup. 
Target pore problem areas with the POREfessional: pore minimizing makeup by Benefit Cosmetics. This longwearing matte makeup covers imperfections without clogging pores. The weightless formula, made with pore-minimising mushroom extract, reduces the look of pores and controls excess surface oil for up to eight hours. Thanks to a custom, built-in pore-blurring sponge, it’s easy to use any time you need a pore-be-gone touchup.

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New Year Resolution Update: The Sweep

My second attempt at The Sweep is the Human Heart Nature Salon Care Line, PHP 199. This one is easier to transition to since I've been a Human Heart Nature user since Mike keeps a bottle of their Peppermint Shampoo in the bathroom. I try to use that when I feel like I need to substitute what I'm using and HHN has always agreed with my salon-treated hair. When these arrived, it was easy to transition and try it out. 

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