Come 2009, I will...

  • Attempt to be prompt at work and go home early, like 9PM. =P
  • Try to concentrate on one task at hand and finish it first rather than trying to do everything at the same time and never finishing anything.
  • Get a frickin' tattoo.
  • Have my curls back. <3> Catch up on reading, and not only chick lit but the sensible ones that have been gathering dust in my shelves.
  • Get over my irrational hatred with sitting in airplanes. YES, I hate riding airplanes.
  • Lessen my smoking. HMM. This one is impossible.
  • Go to church more often, and not just on days I'm desperate.
  • No more impulsive shopping for me. I need to be wiser with this, GAH!
  • Write more, blog more.
  • Use my BDJ Planner like how it should be used. My 2008 BDJ ended up being a notebook for my expenses. Halfway through the year, all I was using were just the coupons, and I didn't even finish all of 'em!
  • Write down the things I need to do and NOT count on my mental notes as I learned, I tend to have ADD with work and forget some stuff to do.
    Do something fitness-related.
  • Try to see the fun side of everything.