New York, 2017

Some years ago, I planned to go to NYC, like any normal girl. I don't remember the very first time but I know that years upon years of consuming American TV has made me desire the city so much that I did imagine scenarios when I'd finally be there. Of course, it took me several years to get there and it's mostly because the timing was never right ie. it was always winter when I'm in the US or I'm in the West Coast and getting to New York would be a stretch.

BUT I made it there finally, and it was just as intoxicating as I had imagined. My entry into New York couldn't have been more apt and welcoming {Bronx, what up?} and I was treated into the grit and texture of Bronx. I was easily reminded of the 20th arrondissement of Paris. 

New York is that olive-skinned guy who has curly hair who's probably hailed from some other part of the world, and is multi-talented in all sorts of disciplines like jazz and parkour and moonlights as a fintech consultant some hours of the day. I'm completely enamored by this city that just bursts of flavor in every corner. I find it real hard to get bored in New York, always something to do, someone to meet, a story to tell.

Some of the places I did in my very short stay below. That said, I am already plotting when {in my head} I will head to NYC again :) 

  1. Pil Pil, 265 E 78th St., Manhattan. Pil Pil was our first stop in New York to meet with Mike's sister and husband who lives in the city. It's a Spanish tapas place with unlimited sangrias for brunch though I couldn't resist and had mimosas. It's on the Upper East Side neighborhood in New York, I noticed it was kinda quiet that Sunday. I loved that their selection was a good serving of each of the dishes from Spanish regions such as Basque, Galicia and Andalucia. 
  2. Glossier Showroom, 123 Lafayette St. Every beauty girl would undoubtedly have Glossier as top of mind for a New York visit, and for good reason, too! It's such a millennial-esque place with all the pink lighting, the glorifiers and lightboxes. You can swatch and patch test anything you must've seen on the Glossier Instagram such as cult products like the Cloud Paints and Priming Moisturizers. What I also noticed is that the Glossier SAs do not hover at all. SO COOL. I only ended up getting a cloud paint and Boy Brow but it was a nice experience nonetheless.
  3. The Book of Mormon, Eugene O'Neill Theater, 230 W 49th St. Or any other Broadway show. For me, I really wanted to see a New York Broadway show because almost always, there's a musical showing in Manila but not Book of Mormon. I don't think it will come here since it's so blasphemous and may be offensive to many a Catholic or Mormon or simply religious Filipinos. But setting aside many things, I enjoyed the Book of Mormon performance because it didn't need to be an extravagant set, it had a solid story on its shoulders and reflected a part of the society that no one dares to talk about. I almost teared up at how precise and perfect the Broadway performers sang and danced to every song up close. Having said that, I am so glad we chanced upon some online deals which got me orchestra seats for cheaper than they usually cost. :)
  4. Museum of Modern Art, 11 W 53rd St. One thing I discovered about myself when I've started traveling is how I love museums that feature modern art. This love was cemented when I first visited Tate Modern in London, as well as LACMA in LA and not surprising, here in MoMA. Ongoing was a collection called Unfinished Conversations, art about current issues all over the world. So captivating. I particularly loved Louise Lawler's collection, too, which featured one liners reminiscent of Kate Spade, only more sarcastic. I finally saw Van Gogh's A Starry Night, too after missing it at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Tickets are $25 a pop.
  5. Salon de Ning, The Peninsula, 700 5th Ave. A rooftop bar is always the way to go in New York :) But I'm also really keen on going to Refinery next time I find myself in New York which will be next summer.
  6. AMADA, 250 Vesey St. Spacious Andalusian locale by chef Jose Garces for tapas, tasting menus, Spanish wines & cocktails. This one is more of a post-work place by New York executives but wow is it also really posh and since it was restaurant week in NYC, all the quirky dishes have been coming out for prix fixe and it's all so awesome to take in.

Overall: I'm so glad I finally finally went to NYC, probably one of the best trips of my life and by that I mean I'm jumping on a bus or a plane going there whenever I get the chance. 

Things I Love Fridays: A Very Chill Life

I've been away from my real life the past week and I'm just really relaxed and chill right now. I'm so chill, it seems all the issues of life in Manila seems so distant and faraway. Well, it is. Like 7,500 miles away to be exact. My family and I are staying at this lakehouse in the East Coast and so far, all I do is figure out what to eat, go boating, fishing, play with my nephew and nap. I also watched Game of Thrones S7E1 here so that has been amazing. I've been battling jet lag a lot, too so that's part of it all.

I love Manila for the most part but I definitely don't miss how small it feels. I don't miss the traffic, the issues and the noise. I miss Butters though {and his dad of course!} wherein you can see the puppy's updates here. Other than that, I'm completely chill and I'm not thinking of what awaits for me at home.


Things I Love Sundays: What Really Matters

I'm sipping red curry soup as I'm typing this in the outdoor area of Dean & Deluca. I'm hanging out with Butters and having orange juice while Mike catches up with his pals. We just came from celebrating my best friend's daughter's birthday and life is all good and well. Do you ever sometimes pause to think, "What's the meaning of life again?" I do. In fact, I think I thought about that a lot today and the last few days. I sometimes wonder how much F*** I give to the seemingly inconspicuous, immaterial things that come about in the everyday 

I practiced yin yoga today. How awesome had it been to be free and restful. When I realized everything I got to enjoy this weekend, I just sat in quiet gratitude. I also realized how much happier people seem on social media during weekends. Maybe people become better people when they get to do what they want. Since when was it normal to not want what they do? Hmm.

As for me, I'm turning in, in a bit. I'm happy and thankful for this weekend, just so so glad I get to be where I am.

Wishing you love :)

Dolling Up Again with Cathy Doll

I can't stress enough that for maybe for the most of Q2, I didn't do much in the makeup department. Just enough to make me look presentable -- because I've been so immersed in work and working out that it kinda fell off the priorities' list. BUT, one day, I woke up and I got my makeup mojo back. I'm thankful for the brands who still invite me to their events despite being not as active I've been before. It was a simple gathering featuring their collection of nudes and pinks and light browns. For a moment in there, I felt like I was my old self and I missed it so much.

What I Think of the Cathy Doll Nude Me Collection: Surprisingly, the liquid lip mattes are long lasting, pigmented and not at all drying. My favorite shade for now is the Moss Rose one so I did a bit of an FOTD {who does FOTDs these days, IDK} below. 

I used the Moss Rose Nude Me Liquid Lip Matte, the Pink Champagne palette and the Sculpting Cushion compact. I feel so glam!

I used the Moss Rose Nude Me Liquid Lip Matte, the Pink Champagne palette and the Sculpting Cushion compact. I feel so glam!

Do you love Cathy Doll, too? Cathy Doll is available at all leading shopping centers in Metro Manila.

Benefit's Boi-ing Party

I remember back when Benefit had different concealers, when I was a mere budding beauty blogger trying to save up for the new releases of different brands. Thinking about Erase Paste and Lemon Aid reminds me of those times I had to order online and send it to my mom or whomever is coming home to Manila from the US. Some years ago, they came out with Fake Up. Oh those were the days of non globalization. How far have we come, indeed.

Some weeks ago, I was only happy to attend Benefit's launch of the entire Boi-ing line, which puts together all the Benefit concealers in one line, one concealer for every need. 

Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer PHP 1,200.  It is lightweight texture and buildable sheer-to-medium coverage is perfect for creating a “no makeup” look. It’s especially great for fine lines around the eyes because it doesn’t crease, cake or crack.

Boi-ing Brightening Concealer, PHP 1,200. For dark undereyes, full coverage. I think this used to be Lemon Aid!

Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer, PHP 1,200. For dry undereyes, used to be Fake Up. I love how it's moisturizing, all you need is some setting powder!

Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer, PHP 1,200. Full coverage, for all the possible imperfections in our faces.

All Benefit Boi-ing Concealers are available now at all Benefit Cosmetics stores nationwide.