Finally! A Laptop Bag!

Me thinks I am a sucker for buying things I need on time. You see, for the longest time, I've had a plain and basic black, nylon (and ratty) laptop bag. I've only had my laptop for a bit less than two years but instead of buying a nice bag, I just grabbed one of my dad's bags (which he was intending to throw, LOL).

In defense to what I did, I rarely bring it out, I just use it at home and leave it be. Usually. Until recently, I flew to HK for a business trip and had to bring a laptop. I traveled with 2 guys from our section and naturally, they had to lug around my bags and my laptop bag. I never would have imagined they would complain, but they did! Not because it was heavy, but because it was ugly! HAHA.

What did I do first thing when I came back? Scout for a laptop bag! I never imagined it was that tough as I really didn't like the ones I saw at PowerMac or Powerbooks. Most were incredibly boring, made of polyester and didn't have enough padding.

I figured most of the nice laptop bags can be found online so I searched like mad and narrowed my choice to a zebra-accented bag from Cathy's Bags.

It was love at first sight, so I immediately bought it. I originally wanted red with the zebra accent but it was unavailable. Cathy told me she had a red one in stock but it had croc accents. It was lovely but I figured everyone had croc bags nowadays so I settled with hot pink. After all, I am still in love with pink (though I'm into purples now).

Tada! Isn't she gorgeous? I love how it doesn't look like a laptop bag at all. It fits my gigantic Acer Aspire 3000, too plus all the accessories I always bring. Gotta, gotta love Cathy's bags! Priced at Ps. 2,500, I guarantee it's worth it!