Why Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Honestly, everyone seems to have Christmas as their favorite holiday anyway. *bonks self in the head*

It's the 6th day of my two-week vacation, something I'm not used to having and it's been a blast! By the word "blast" I meant hours and hours of just lounging in bed, getting up only when nature calls me, when I'm hungry or when I need to take a shower. Oh and when a neighbor rang the doorbell just to ask where I had Mimi repainted. I didn't spend the day just sleeping though. I did a god catching up with my reading, from my gossip magazines (haha, it was a secret!) -- Hello!, Ok, Star and InTouch were all with me then, to 4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell, to Jostein Gaardner's Sophie's World, and oh! Corporate Communication by I forgot who. Haha!

Anyhoo, here's a rundown of some of the things I received for Christmas. *smiles*
The holiday season has made me even lazier in uploading photos, though :(

1. A gray Marks & Spencer turtleneck from T
2. 4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell from my boss :)
3. Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella from Cath
4. Maybelline make up from Chai
5. Loot bag from Thetas
6. A pink and green tote bag from Yhel
7. A colorful pencil holder from Dang
8. A purple LV monogram wallet from T
9. navy blue mini shorts from Carla
10. Garnier pure foaming wash from Joub
11. assorted accessories from officemates
12. The Fashion Emergency Kit from Maya
13. Room Organizer from the IT folks
14. A basket of junk food from Raylee
15. A canvass bag from Dessa of Team Manila

Some of the gifts I bought (and gave away):

1. Gap boxers (everybody loves these, male or female!)
2. Infrared Massage sticks to M's parents and my officemates
3. Relaxing eye masks (this is for a cause--- I gave them to the stressed people I know :]
4. Clinique eyeshadows for teh girlfriends
5. Bath and exfoliating sets
6. Pewter brooches for my grammy and aunties
7 more days to go and it's not vacation anymore :( I wonder how much I weigh by then, though!

edit: I got more gifts! M came from SNG and brought me 5 bottles of Absolut. Kurant, Ruby Red [grapefruit-ish flavor], Vanilia, Apeach (my former favorite) and Pears, my new favorite. Me and the gang finished it in two nights!