Flickin: The Kind of Movie That Makes You Smile

I was on a roll this week --- two movies I was dying to see opened and I wasn't about to let the chance pass, or to let spoilers ruin it for me, so off we go to the cinemas. I've been waiting for 500 Days of Summer for the longest time. Frankly, I'm more of a Zooey Deschanel fan, more than Joseph Gordon-Levitt's. Never have been a fan of sickly-looking, thin guys. Ever since 10 Things I Hate About You, I looked at Larisa more than I did with him. But anyhoo, that is not the point.

Summer: I love The Smiths.
Tom: Sorry?
Summer: I said I love The Smiths. You– you have a good taste in music.
Tom: You like The Smiths?
Summer: Yeah. “To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.” I love ‘em.
Tom: Holy.

Don't forget to manage your expectations... Love stories are as lovely as they will go and even if the copy for the movie says it's NOT a love story, it was about love. The difference was, there is no sugarcoated truth at the end, no running into each other's arms, and no cheesy songs that go with --- NOT if you consider She and Him's [Deschanel's band] songs to be cheesy, then you are something else. More than anything, it was the anti-thesis of a love story. There were no hairy, dashing leading men, or blonde, busty leading actresses who doesn't know how to act. It was a story that appealed to many of the Tumblr-loving folks, with Zooey's 60's hair, JGL's boy-next-door image, Tom's mix of sidekicks, Zooey's vintage outfits and surprise!

The soundtrack. If there was a winner at all fronts in this movie, it would have to be the soundtrack, which can be viewed here.

But above all, I was particularly amazed at how the story was told with so much honesty that it was hitting close to home [Okay, that is another story.] I have loved how Summer didn't need to beat around the bush when she broke up with Tom. Or the famous

Expectation/Reality screens when Tom didn't get what he thought was going to happen.Rarely do we see a treatment done so well, it was the boldest statement of the movie: a perfect allusion to relationships, that things don't happen the way we want them to be. Or that scene when Summer said that Tom was right about destiny and fate --- however, she was the only thing he wasn't right about. Or when Tom played the Smiths original "Please, please, Let Me Get What I Want" to catch Summer's attention [something I've done previously, only it was another Smiths song.] Or that time when Tom moved on, albeit with a girl named Autumn, a scene which reminds me of a Korean movie, My Sassy Girl. Or that if you were someone like Summer, who didn't believe in love, things could change and turn around. It was a lovely movie, one that is definitely not out of the box: romantic and bittersweet enough for one not to lose ground and stay in reality.

If you'd have the time, I'd recommend you to catch this movie in theaters. It's a heartwarming tale of love obtained, love lost and love revisited. It's bound to make you smile, get teary eyed and smile again. If anything else, I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy Zooey's quirks,

The Smiths songs [did I ever say I've always been a fan?] and Zooey's clothes!500 Days of Summer Official Website

*Photo Credits: Fox Searchlight Pictures