A Piece of T. 12.06.09

I hadn't been able to blog this week, and to me that feels weird --- almost like a sin. Blogging, for more than a year, has become my therapy, my outlet and more importantly, it has become a place to bare my soul and meet friends.

However, things have been extremely busy, and by extremely busy, I mean that lately, I haven't had time to update Facebook statuses, not even to get myself a bottle of water when I need it. My heart has not stopped racing because there's so much to do both career-wise and my personal life. I apologize for being  MIA these days. Hopefully, in between myself resembling a distraught PA and a 70s dancer, I'll be able to blog and let you know what's going on. In an attempt to do this, I'm joining the game started by the Toothfairy.

A Piece of Me

I like: the fact that I got over my whiny, ungrateful self the day that I spent hours with kids with cerebral palsy. I will forever be humbled by the way they showed me their will to live and their appreciation for the simple things in life. Oh and I'm so in love with the intricately-woven story of The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.

I don't like: the damn breakout my skin has been experiencing due to the weather. Crap.Oh and Blogger hasn't been letting me insert an image into this post.

I want you to know: that despite my insane schedule, I've been reading all your blogs and so sorry for not making much comments because I haven't really sat in front of the laptop for anything leisurely. In fact, my restaurant at Cafe World is below respectable ratings. Ack.

I've planned: to attend to 'me' chores like going to the salon for a color touch up, as well as a pedicure but I ended up doing it all on my own because I couldn't spend three hours just pampering. Whatever happened to me, right? :(

I want to say to someone special: that you should've been at Gweilo's last Friday night to have heard it all. Bleh. :P

Have a happy Sunday, ladies!
If you wanna join this little game, hop on over to the Toothfairy's page and add yourself.