Oscars' Euphoria

Can I just tell you how high it has made me that I stayed glued to the TV the whole Monday morning? Well,


high. The red carpet, the excitement of who was gonna win, especially with James Cameron and ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow up against each other? It was enough for me to jump in my seat when they announced Bigelow's triumph.

But of course, more than anything else, and I'm sure you girls enjoyed it, too, were the girls of Hollywood's dresses that were to die for. I'm sharing my favorites but you gotta let me know which ones are yours :)


Rachel McAdams in watercolor dress by

Elie Saab Damn, she looks so fresh!


Demi Moore in Atelier Versace.

If I ever was gonna be married, this is how my wedding gown will look like. Ruffly.


Sandra Bullock, 2010 Oscars' Best Actress in Marchesa.

And is she wearing NARS' Schiap? Someone tell me! 


Charlize Theron

. How is it possible that she and Stuart Townsend

split up? Maybe I will just ask my blogger friend/OK! EIC




Sarah Jessica Parker




I haven't got a photo of the back but it's so adorable, too!

Robert Downey

. No other guy can pull of kicks and a turquoise bow

other than him. 

Whose dresses were your favorites? Spill!

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Photo lifted from Sophie's site

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