Forever 21 Opens in SM Makati!

I cannot say enough how much I love being in the city of Makati five days a week. Despite the craziness around it, the maddening traffic in and out of it, the noise, the rallies every now and then, I do most of my stuff {shopping, paying my bills, movie-watching, musicals, waxing needs, pedi etc.}in this city.

When I saw the huge sign at SM Makati that Forever 21 was about to open, I knew it had to be one of another reasons why:

  1. I will love being in Makati more.
  2. I have another stress buster to go to during lunch breaks / afternoons when I feel that I must absolutely go shopping.
  3. My wallet will be subjected to even more torture.
  4. I'll be a happy little girl with all the accessories I will keep buying.

I was fortunate enough to have been part of the VIP shopping night of Forever 21 Makati, where I saw a LOT TRUCKLOAD of things that I want. Actually, I already got so much into a bag but my feet hurt from running around all day in heels so I had to let go of my loot after lining up in a really long line {can't blame 'em, there was so much nice stuff.}Even then, people, guests who were mostly in their twenties, milled around frantically like they were afraid things would go out of stock in a second. {This happened to me, someone beat me to a chambray shirt in small and all was left was a medium which looked like a night shirt on me. Gah. I would have endured the line for that.}

But anyway.

Here are some stuff and some shoppers I saw that night:

Daphne Osena-Paez looks divine in person. As Shen snapped away, I was just starstruck! Before scooting off to peruse the racks, Shen and I had to snap a photo of our yet another identical outfits:


Blazer: Colour Eighteen
Bustier Top: H&M
Harem Pants: Gift
Pumps: Promod
Clutch: Aldo

Thanks to the lovely Denise, who gamely snapped our photo. Of course, we had to have a photo, too!

She was in line for the dressing room and it was LONG! Shortly after that, I wandered around the humongous store and my eyes kept going like this: O.o

Row upon row of sky-high shoes!

Pretty satchels in neutral colors made me grab one.

These are super perfect for corporate girls like me.

My weakness: PEARLS!

And some more on the other side! 

And the iconic lacy and girly accessory bar. I have a couple of GCs lying around waiting to be used. Who wants to go shopping with me?

*Thanks to Jane Kingsu-Cheng for inviting me to the opening!