Things I Learned From Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2

Wow. I seem to have a new panata. 

On Thursday night, after a round of San Mig Lights, I, together with four other girls and my BGF {Best Gay as in lesbian Friend} braved the madhouse, batshit-crazy traffic from Makati City to the World Trade Center to see men strut the catwalk. Topless. And then some. This year marks my second time {my first time was dissected in here} coming to a night where ladies can scream, swoon, fire water on men's bodies without being judged: The Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash. This is where even the calmest, most collected, chill-est girl would lose her cool because everyone is just too hot.

Thanks to agency folks and Summit friends, I had tickets waiting for me on Wednesday morning. By Thursday, I came to work dressed in something I had made for me back in 2006.

And a blazer, lest I be stared down for coming to work in a heavily-slitted long dress.

Dress: Vittorio Barba
Shoes: Pill
Necklace: The Ramp 
Accessories: Forever 21
Bag: CMG

As always, I have some moments of introspection during the time we were waiting for the line to clear and for the show to start, some of which were:

Yes, girls line up for this thing.

  1. The high heels are not worn so one can look fasyon. It's useful for when craning your neck to see abs and male pelvic bones.
  2. Girls secretly hate each other. While I was outside the WTC standing amidst throngs and throngs of impatient women, I have heard all sorts of insults and lait a girl can take and receive. You dress well, you get insulted for your skin. You arrive in sexy clothes, thou shall be called easy. Of course this is not true for every single female {but I can be the mean girl sometimes} but this surfaces in most female circles. It can't really be denied, right girls? =P
  3. But despite girls secretly hating each other, we help each other in times of need. Especially when we're beside each other and watching football players strut down the ramp.
  4. Men are sexy walking down like men. I hope they don't dance onstage like macho dancers would.
  5. There are only a few events in a woman's life where she would be seen in skyrocket heels while lugging a heavy DSLR camera. This is one of those.
  6. This Cosmo Bachelor Bash is bringing out the cougar in me. But I'm underage for that now! 
  7. Why a normal, well-functioning girl would bring her boyfriend to the Cosmo Bachelor Bash is beyond me. First, six-packed men can slap a guy with insecurity from afar. Two, isn't it pretty common knowledge guys don't like ogling other guys? Ugh, I could feel resentment from five feet last Thursday. 
  8. It's fun, fierce and fabulous to be at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. It's going to be a yearly thing for me na talaga.

I entered WTC cool as a cucumber and headed straight to the San Miguel booth. I had thought that since it was not my first time anymore, that I wouldn't be caughtscreaming my head off once again as I did last year but as soon as lights were turned off and a sexy teaser of Jake Cuenca was flashed, I was easily transformed into a screaming girl like everyone in the audience.

And I wasn't even a fan.

... and girls can fill up the WTC for this!

Just like last year, the Cosmo hunks were hot and very abs-y. But while I recognize that fact, aren't these boys too young to be showing off their bodies to cougars, Beckies and cougars-in-training like me?

Anyway, here are my favorites from last Thursday's show:

Azkals' Misagh Bahadoran. He never took off his jacket though.

Callalily's Kean Cipriano may be thinner than most guys but you can't deny the guy is HOT.

My, my, aren't you the hottie, Felix Roco?

Someone's going to take capoeira just because of the cool stunts Rafael Rosell pulled onstage.

Halfway through the show with P and C and T {who took this photo}

Jake Cuenca's scorching video

Jake Cuenca LIVE. And still clothed.

And a water-gunned version. Of course.

And if last year, my favorite was

Baron Geisler

, my favorite bachelor this year would of course have to just be:

Philippine Azkals' #4 and Midfield Defender Anton Del Rosario.

No further explanation needed.

 But for some reason, the sight of a group of men in tighty whities is making me laugh out loud.

But that doesn't stop me from watching.

Some of my bachelor suggestions, if it ever was up to me, LOL:

  • Neil Etheridge
  • Christian Bautista (again)
  • Angel Guirado
  • Stephan Shrock
  • Matteo Guidicelli
  • Luis Alandy

Who was your favorite bachelor?

Till the next one, Cosmo!

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