Day 4 of MCPR: Valentina Diaries

If there's anything else I did not expect from this whole chemical peel exercise is that one day, I would feel like Valentina. As in the fictional snake goddess villain of Filipino comics, Darna.

Obviously, this is not my photo, via GMA TV.

My days of being "I'm so ugly" saga continues yet today, a bright Tuesday morning. My cousins, relatives and family are all frolicking under the sun in various cemeteries as the Filipino nation commemorates our dearly departed souls. And yet, here I am, hiding away from the gorgeous rays of the sun as some bits of my new skin have surfaced amidst the crazy peeling.

Why snake-y, you ask?

When I woke up this morning, I saw chunks of my skin {excuse the yucky graphic detail} spread out near my pillow. "

Ah, the peeling commenced," I thought. They reminded me of wax paper -- thick and not entirely smooth. I was a combination of mortified and relieved as I saw shapeless patches of new skin peeking through seemingly-burnt skin. At the same time, I wondered how much longer I have to stay like this as it is already taking toll on my self-esteem. I can't even show you my face! :(

Fedora {peeling} Jason, Mountaineering Jason and Hippie Jason

Photo taken by: Jomstop

I can't wait to be {and in my friend Matoots' words} a mariposa, after this uod/snake stage. After all, *insert cliche pep talk here*

Stay tuned? :)