My Favorite iPad Apps So Far

"There must be a reason why companies and brands are giving away iPads left and right," I thought to myself one day. I had an iPhone and I could spend 24 hours in it with all my web needs. Why would I need an iPad? When it comes to spending and gadgets, I could be quite pragmatic.

But as I've told a million times in person and once here, my iPhone broke down, the iPhone4 was out of stock and a Blackberry, an Android and a Nokia phone are all useless in my hands, I got myself an iPad 2. Apple's iPhone has turned me into a flipping, swiping human with no instinct of operating gadgets that are intuitive. 

What's the difference, you ask? It's just a bigger version of the iPhone, less the call and text capabilities but nevertheless the same. My friend R has both the iPhone and the iPad 2 as well and she claims that getting the iPad 2 was one of the best decisions she's ever done. I was well on my way to declaring that myself.

Presenting, my favorite iPad apps at the moment, so far, and maybe ever, and reasons why you should get an iPad rather than an Android tablet. Flipboard - which is an entire reason to get an iPad altogether. This app doesn't have an iPhone version {which only makes sense} UPDATE: it now does, and I was completely blown away with its UI {user interface}, the way it revolutionized viewing social networks, making them seem like parts and bits of a magazine:

This is how I see my Facebook. Amazing. And this is how browsing for my posts look like:

It's infinitely funner to tweet using the native Twitter for iPad app than iPhone but then that's like apples to oranges. #labo

OPlayer - For my video-watching needs, since the iPad is just apt for bedtime watching ofGossip Girl, 2 Broke Girls and Once Upon a Time.

Zinio. I hate the fact that after enjoying my magazines, I'd have to find a way to dispose of them and have them recycled. While I love having my thumbs run through glossies, I find it so impractical that I literally jumped with joy when I realized I could purchase my favorite magazines via Zinio and not worry about wasted trees!

Newsstand - I just downloaded Wired last night and I am now reading up on Jeff Bezos and even if my mom doesn't like Wired, I find it refreshing to read androgynous magazines. 

Cosmopolitan Philippines on Zinio <3 -- Of course I come back to my old self.

And then there's this comic-making app called Halftone. Oh such fun!

Air Hockey, for my pampatulog game. Two can play this, too!

Useful on those hours on Metro Manila roads and wondering where to pass by is the MMDA app.

The Notes app makes more sense now than it did on the iPhone. I have written longer and far more relevant pieces here. <3

Awesome Note for iPad is Awesomesauce. I can draw!!!

Yahoo Messenger on the iPad is bigger and funner, too.

And then there's the Philippine Star app for my current events fix.

 TED Talks for consuming knowledge, wisdom and really useful information like the psychology of regret.

Not an advisor but you gotta love your own

iPhoneography at its finest is made possible by Adobe Photoshop Express.

Incredibooth! <3 <3 <3

And then there's iBooks, which changed the way I saw tablet readers and made me appreciate not having to touch paper anymore.

Have you got an iPad? What are your favorite apps? Spill!