A Few of My Favorite Snoe Things

The first time I ever heard of this brand was during a tweet-up with Sherwin {Sowy} at Uncle Cheffy's when Gen dropped by and gave Sherwin's cutie pie of a daughter a couple of lippy things to play with. Some months after, here I am, completely amazed with a brand that leapfrogged its way to the Philippine market:

Snoe's Hair Heroes was my first ever Snoe purchase via Shopinas.

To this day, I am very enamored and into this product <3 In a world where so many brands pop out every five seconds, one can't help but wonder: What makes Snoe such a hit to females?

In my very own assessment, and in no way a gospel truth, nor lifted from a press release, I think what made the brand such a success were the following factors:

At the Snoe Suntervention Blogger Event

  • Started it big. They had more than 10 branches when they launched --- that battles the problem of where to buy their products. To date, they have 17, plus online shopping, consumers need not worry where to go because they have branches all over busy, dirty Metro Manila.
  • Started it wide. Some companies choose to stay safe and have about five to ten products max -- and focus where they're great at. Haven't tried all Snoe products but so far, I can tell that their philosophy {and I believe I remember this from one of my conversations with the owner, Jen}, is speed-to-market. What they believe a woman would need, they create. It helps that Jen and Gen {who are sisters in law} are naturally kikay that it doesn't take hard for them to know what a girl wants.
  • A really good artist. Never underestimate the need for a great artist who can communicate your brand through brand packages, merchandise and visual merchs. What drew me to Snoe was their ability to come up with puns on their products {which were written by Jen}, even going as far as using a Beatles song -- to which I related to very easily.
  • No claims. You know when your create a brand and you identify what the brand is trying to say or who you want to attract, like organic, natural, affordable etc? Snoe has nothing of that, in fact, I think it's not trying to claim anything, which is refreshing. At the Snoe convention, I asked Jen, "Organic ba ang Snoe?" She nonchalantly responded, "Nope, we just want to help Filipinas gain access to products that address their needs."
  • Filipina Power. Behind and at the forefront of the brand are sisters in law Gen and Jen, who spearheads product development, research, testing, PR and promotion for everything. Wow.
  • Livelihood and Diversity. If you've ever been to a Snoe outlet, you'd know some of their SAs are formerly members of the male populace {you know what I mean} -- and they're extremely talented, too! That means equality for all in my book and I like it!

Plus -- they also double as fire dancers. Bongga!

  • Innovative. Who'd have thought of putting hunky men on a female blogger afternoon. This brand is fearless!

 Four months since my first purchase, I am someone who truly understands and likes and supports this brand. As a proof, here's a snap of my dresser:

My Favorite Snoe Things L-R: Snoe Suntervention SPF 80 {in this heat, I take no less than 80}, Snoe Body Ritual Spritz in Nectarine Ginger TeaSnoe Hair Heroes Intense with Acai BerrySnoe Body Ritual Hair Glaze in Honey Dew and Melon YogurtOh My Wash in The Movie StarStar Night Star Bright Toner and Emu Cleanse

Super sweet smelling anti bacterial fizz! Ang bango! Of course I forgot to buy them but will do when I return to the Snoe store I go to.

I'm pretty sure you've been bitten by the Snoe bug, too, so please share your experience and favorites in the comment box! :)

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