I Need Your Help :)

Remember this thing at the Parisian blogger shoot? Well, it's a contest thing and while I'm not aiming to win {I'm just a lowly girl with no imaginary following whatsoever, though I'd like to believe I have friends who read this blog :)}:

I'd like to ask you to vote for me, thrice {that's max allowed} at the  Parisian Blogger app:

Tank top: Nava
Shorts: Nava
Coverup: Nava
Accessories: Apostrophe, The Ramp
Shoes: Parisian
Bag: Parisian
I hope you like my summer look, too, enough to vote for me here

PS: If I win, and that is an if, 10 winners will get Php 2,000 GCs each :)

PPS: It's an effort to vote via Parisian blogger but it's good for tracking purposes for when the winner is announced. Thank you again!

PPPS: My friends Jheng,Alex and Krissy are in there, too! :)

BTW, I am off to Bantayan, Cebu today and I can't wait to spend the weekend with my parents and brother!