Psychedelicious Things | Majolica Majorca opens in SM Makati

Before I proceed to shower you with all things pink, I hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday!

The first time I heard of Psychedelicious was during a dinner with Cathy David of Majolica Majorca and the rest of beauty bloggers at The Cake Club sometime in June, with which I made an outfit blog for that day.

As for the brand Majolica Majorca, I've heard it so much from Fuzkittie's blog {she doesn't blog anymore} back when blogging was rare and not too many women shared their beauty finds. I'd always admire the way Lash Expander Frame would enhance her Asian eyelashes and well --- despite the Majolica Majorca being too Asian for my taste, I became hooked and my eyes were peeled for the brand's opening in the country.

I haven't been present when it first came to the country but here they are, just opened {with a bang, can I just say} their branch at SM Makati! Enjoy the photos!

Bite-sized red velvet cupcakes and brownies and M&Ms!

Am a sucker for vintage things, lemonade and pink <3

 Nationalistic cupcakes, anyone? 

 But this has got to be my favorite: a pink swirl.

 Some kind of an afternoon snack.

 Good job, Cathy! 

 The Psychedelicious collection.

The actual cosmetics were inspired by yummy treats such as the cherry macaron <3

 Because a Majolica girl stands out in the crowd.

 Sometimes I feel like its illegal for me to use such cutie pies {being 26 and all that} but I cannot resist!

Majolica Majorca's slew of famous mascaras.

To everyone who wishes to lighten their eyebrows, this is the answer to your prayers.

The light brown Lash Colorist is a serious dupe to MAC's Girl Boy!

 The girls with Cathy {middle}, L-R:  Marj Sia, Angela Nepomuceno, Cathy David, Denise Congco, ME! and Martha Sta. Barbara

 This time with L-R:  Mikki, Kira, Liz, and Dior {Photo from Liz' cam}

Dress: Plains and Prints
Silk belt: Promod
Satchel: H&M
Pumps: Nine West

I ate cotton candy, drank lemonade, had myself a little sugar shock and spent the afternoon feeling like a little girl in candyland. Thank you,Majolica Majorca!