What I Know For Sure: Nothing

This week, I realized that one can be older, wiser, more mature yet wouldn't know what s/he is doing.


  • Sometimes, one can be 26, 36 or 46 and still don't know what she's doing. If I was kid, I'd think you'd think adults would know what they're doing --- but they sometimes don't.
  • You can show someone your vulnerability and they'd be gone. It's confusing if this a good thing --- good riddance and all that --- or a bad one --- is this considered defeat?
  • That it's easy to use yourself as a topic at hand, as a conversation starter but at the end of the day, it's comforting to know you chose to keep it to yourself, that you actually have a secret, a fact about you that no one else knows.
  • That you can choose your friends but you cannot choose the ones you have chemistry with.

An Origin Story | Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

  • That at one point, you know you've stopped being sad and pained because you're waiting for the dam of sadness to hit you and it won't come. You're finally over it, relax.
  • That you can wonder if life is waiting to happen -- or just do something about it and make it freaking happening.
  • That at some point, you gotta stop friendzoning everyone who comes.
  • That every moment is precious, don't spend it with anyone you're not crazy about.
  • That you're always too fabulous to fit in. And don't be surprised.
  • That sometimes, being away from your comfort zone makes all the difference.
  • That a wine and sushi night and a friend you can count on now and until you are two crazy grandmothers is all you need sometimes.

What do you know for sure today?