August Aria

It's almost a year that I'd been 'living' in BGC, what with my hours mostly spent at work and/or getting out of it and capping the night off with a few cocktails every now and then. During lunches and dinners, I almost always never stray very far and I resort to amusing myself with the choices in the next block.

One of my favorite go-to restaurants for a sumptuous meal shared over stories with friends is that Boracay original, Aria Cucina Italia. I remember the first time I brought my officemates there, I always had one description of its location: "Sa tapat ng Jamba Juice."

The thing with High Street Central is that it's never as crowded during weekdays. To quote my friend, on weekends though, it makes like Luneta and therefore must be avoided. I think the trick is to come to High Street on Sunday nights as I do right after worship service. People go home early! :D

As I was cleaning out my camera this morning, I chanced upon some photos of my last dinner at Aria {where I always go to when there's nothing new, cos it's foolproof and yummy!} cos I got so hungry looking at it so idadamay ko kayo. 


Crusted chickpeas polenta topped with piccolo fritto misto and ginger mayo | Php 420

Rolled fresh pasta stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta, and parmesan cheese served with porcini coulis. Php 450 | I believe I did my signature involuntary closing of the eyes here.

Oven-baked chicken roll stuffed with Italian spices and wrapped in parma ham | Php 450

Chicken and cheese plate which I am not sure how to call. It wasn't on the menu! :D

As always, the star of every single one of my dinners: the dessert. | Crunchy almond parfait with a hint of Grand Marnier | Php 180

I remember having a Malibu Pineapple that night and it was a sweet confluence of coconuts and all things tropical. Remind me to grab that again at Aria!

For now, I hope you got sufficiently hungry as I am typing this entry. *evil grin*

Happy {holiday} Monday!

EDIT: Aria Cucina Italia in BGC has since been replaced by The Wholesome Table