The Suits Season 2 Finale was pure TV-gasm and I was left satiated and satisfied for the next five months. That doesn't mean I'm not missing my favorite fictional character since Carrie Bradshaw {I am more interested in Harvey than I'll ever be in Christian Grey } so here are some of my favorite Harvey-isms which got me hooked since Episode 1. Thanks to the parody account on Twitter, I can now remember them and retweet them when I need some lesson in badassery:

  • Light travels faster than sound, that's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
  • Listen to what people say when they're angry, because that's when the truth comes out.
  • Oh, I didn't tell you? It must have been none of your damn business.
  • Caring only makes you weak. If they think you care, they'll walk all over you.
  • Everything is great when you don't give a shit.