Debunking the Mystery: K Palette Eyebrow Liners

You cannot imagine the raves I have heard about the famous K Palette Eyebrow Liners. 

The first time I heard of it was from a lawyer friend who was just as kikay {or might be even more!} as me {hello, Ate Hani!}. She took a photo of K Palette and posted it on my Facebook wall. Then I have heard from my beauty loves {that would be the beauty blogging community} about the revolutionary pen that will answer all our eyebrow woes and ever the fan girl, I was thoroughly convinced I needed to try K Palette in my life.

The Universe must've heard me loud and clear. Thank you, Cheryl of K Palette!

This revolutionary liquid eyebrow liner now comes with a powder tip on the other end! You can simultaneously shade and tint long-lasting eyerows with its smudgeproof and water-resistant polymers.
This eyebrow liner is made of just the right amount of translucence such that the color is deep enough to conceal the sparse areas of your eyebrows but not too dark that it gives a severe, unforgiving tone. If you want a darker tone, just go over the same area twice or more. Suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals!

Top: 02 Honey Brown Bottom: 01 Chocolate Brown

By now, if you are an avid reader of any beauty/makeup blog, you'd know that grooming the eyebrows can truly make a difference in a made up or non made up face. My friend C, who has discovered the joys of a filled eyebrows lately, has been getting comments about her perfect eyebrows, which have gotten prettier since she filled them in. Ah, the wonders of makeup!

So that is why I never really stop from experimenting and trying out new products. We never really know when something's better for us until we give them a try. Lately, I'd been happy with Benefit Brow Zings + Majolica Majorca Brow Colorist but sometimes, I'd be in a rush and the two-step routine felt all too time-consuming. That said, here are my observations on the K Palette Eyebrow Liner:

The Great:

  • Two colors to choose from -- as always, it's an issue to be conscious of our skin tone and hair color when coloring our eyebrows. K Palette comes in Honey Brown and Chocolate Brown. 
  • It's a double-edged sword. K Palette comes with a powder edge and an ink edge. According to the instructions in the package, the thicker parts of the eyebrows are to be lined with powder and the thinner edges are to lined with the ink tips.
  • The color deposit is very moderate --- meaning, no one can accidentally draw a line too quickly and end up like Frida Kahlo. On the flip side, this can be a downside, too.
  • Natural Finish. With feathered strokes {a technique Sophie and Jheng detailed to me}, I was able to achieve a very natural set of eyebrows from Chocolate Brown.
  • The tips are precise ---- it's almost impossible to draw outside of the eyebrows.
  • One stick, two products. It's almost always a single brow product in the market today but I think why people are drawn to this is because of its duality in purpose. That means it's a space-saver in your makeup kit and in your boudoir, too!
  • Diversity in colors. I have a big issue with shades that aren't different at all. Somehow, K Palette's shades are completely different from each other, which is a relief.

This was about three swatches each.

Notice that Honey Brown leans towards the green side.

  • Because the human hands' nature is to use the fingers as such in drawing, it is pretty easy to follow the lines of the eyebrows versus when using an eyebrow brush.
  • Plus points for the English directions at the back of the package.
  • Fills in the brows and sharpens the eyebrow tips which is pretty much the basic requirement of any eyebrow product.
  • It is true when they said it lasts all day.

My eyebrows are still perfect -- and that is my inaanak, Sophie.

  • The mix of the powder and ink make up for a perfect and seemingly natural finish. 

 K Palette's Chocolate Brown Eyebrow Liner

The Not Too Great:

  • It is expensive at Php 1,050 {being sold at Beauty Bar}. While I have no qualms shelling out money for products that last a lifetime, I am not too happy that the product is being sold at such a price. I have serious doubts that the pen contains that much a product inside to merit such price. Or maybe I am just too kuripot :D
  • It took me a long time to achieve the coverage I wanted --- which goes against this being a dual-purpose product which I thought could answer to my morning rush woes. 
  • It took me a long time to understand the techniques. That of course is not the product's fault but mine.
  • Honey Brown looks transparent on me and had no effect on my skin tone and eyebrows altogether, unfortunately. {Chocolate Brown was perfect though!}
  • While Chocolate Brown was perfect, I wished it was a bit lighter.
  • The powders are stored in the caps --- which in my opinion, are of too little quantities.
  • No one can know if there's still ink left --- plus, it has to be stored horizontally so as not to dry out the pen.
  • Choice of font on the pencil and the all-plastic packaging. This shouldn't matter to product performance but it bothers me that the pencil doesn't reflect how expensive the product is and the Japanese plastic packaging is a wee bit kitsch for my taste.

Overall: K Palette is a wonderful invention {especially from the wonderful country of Japan, who always invents the best things!}. I am, however, underwhelmed with the function and delivery when forced to justify its costs. I would highly recommend buying it if it went on sale, or if you have a lot of money lying around. Of course, eyebrow makeup is one thing that we cannot truly forego so that might be a justification :DI tried the concealer from them on the very same day though and IT WAS AMAZING. I'd pay monies for that one. More of that on a separate review, though.

K Palette is available at all Beauty Bar stores {Trinoma, Rockwell, Greenbelt, Shangri-la, Eastwood, Galleria, Gateway, ATC, Podium, MOA, Midtown, Lucky Chinatown, Cebu, and soon to open Bonifacio High Street} or at It retails for PHP 1,050.