My Favorite Online Shopping Stores

Gone are the days one would actually have the time to scour things by hand all day. If I needed something, I'd have to fight tooth and nail with my schedule to accommodate an intensive shopping trip. If only stores were open at night!

In my younger years, during the days when Multiply wasn't as crowded and teeming with tacky items {you wouldn't believe the things you can find in there}, I was a Multiply mainstay and trusted in it for my daily needs.

A girl can grow up sometimes :D

Maybe it is the rise in paychecks, or the maturing of taste, or the elegance of real, structured, well-architectured websites that drew me to real online shopping. {Of course, Multiply, Ebay and the likes will always be in my radar}, but for now, let me invest in quality pieces from my favorite stores.

Shop Mango

I first discovered that Mango had an online store when a top female executive approached me to tell me all about it. "It's free shipping pa!" she excitedly whispered to me one morning when we were discussing our project. When I got home that night, I perused the site and saw that everything was in Philippine Peso, was indeed free shipping and everything that can be found in the store can be found in there, too.

I was sold and had been getting my dresses from there since.

Shop Luca

I discovered Luca from following Divine Lee's Twitter account and can I just say their dresses are truly divine? Now my little secret is out! I get my cocktail dresses from Luca!


It's not really an online shop per se but I love that I can check out everything first in the website, complete with prices and just look it up at Zara Rockwell. That's efficient shopping for you! =)


When you already know what skincare/toiletries work for you, it makes sense to just order them from the online store, save some time and yourself from further temptation of trying out everything in the store.

The only downside of shopping through VMV's online shopping website is that their prices are still in USD so the conversion can be a bit weird and unpredictable in your card but nevertheless convenient!

Wear Charlie

For casual dressing, I really love me some Wear Charlie pieces. I discovered this little website, owned and designed by Jessica Gallegos, during one of my endless internet surfs and I just fell in love with the impeccable craftsmanship of the dresses, the casual, flirty flair with the right dose of elegance.

What are your favorite online stores?