Chronicles of Brushes: Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush

It occurred to me to contour {and allot time to contour} when in one of my lunch breaks, I'd been reading Shen's post on our Beso night and I saw our photo.

Photo by Shenny | Beso Cucina Vinoteka | I didn't realize I could contour --- thanks to the Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush!

The Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush is made of ultra lush bristles that feels like velvet on the skin. Buff in your mineral foundation, powder foundation, or any powder product with this brush!
Its angled shape allows you to efficiently apply your makeup and work thru the folds and contours of the skin so that no spot would be missed out. This very dense brush also allows you to obtain buildable coverage, from light to full!

The Great:

  • A girl with fat cheeks like me will love a fat brush like this. It's always been a personal issue that I have such fold-less, kanto-less chubby cheeks so it was heaven-sent when this brush landed onto my lap. Too perfect for contouring!
  • What used to be about minute for contouring improved to 30 seconds cos of the bristles that pack color and deposit them even quicker.
  • It's so dense that if it listened and talked it probably wouldn't understand all my blabbering.
  • Can be used for powder application though for me, its strength is really in contouring
  • Probably the softest Charm brush I own though everything is soft on the face. 
  • It retails for only Php 650 and is available online and in stores.

The Not so Great:

  • Wish it came with a brush protector.

Some tips:

  • Fatty brushes {I could say something else but Sophie will laugh out loud and then kill me LOL} take a while to dry so wash them during weekends or when you're sure not to use them.
  • Dip the brush onto darker foundation powder and swirl onto the apple of your cheeks to contour your cheeks. I find this trick so slimming, especially since I have siopao face :D
  • Don't forget to wash your brushes with baby shampoo at least every week to get rid of the dirt and oil.

Overall Recommendation:

Thou shall contour if you have a fat face like moi. A Charm brush does it good.
xx Go get one.