Sign of Growing Up: A Little Less Insecure

Over some documents and business updates and the rare chance we ever really get to talk seriously, my boss and I talked about how one piles on the years --- and in the process strip off forms of insecurity. When he said this, I was surprised I was nodding off in agreement. When I think of all my insecurities when I was 22, I want to cringe.

Back then, I was dying to make a mark in the world, I obsessed over ideas I couldn't put into fruition, got affected by chismis I hear about myself, wondered if I was dating the right man, wondered if I was on the right track, nitpicked every pimple in the complexion, thought about endlessly over every wrong decision I made throughout a day, agonized every rejection I received, friends and lovers I lost --- all of it involved some heavy thinking which exhausts me just by thinking about it now!

Don't get me wrong, I still think hard about a lot of things nowadays but what has significantly changed is that I don't obsess anymore. I've learned to let go of unanswered things, I learned that unanswered texts don't mean the end of the world and that un-returned phone calls can mean a world of good to you and that patience is truly, truly a virtue that when cultivated, can bring about blessings and good decision making skills.

So if right now, you're like the Tara Once Upon a Time who cared about every single thing --- don't stop caring but let go of some things --- at least the ones that don't try to chase you. Life, a lot like dating, is a game and sometimes you just need to sit back, relax and let it do the chasing.

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