What I Wore: The Tutu

What do you wear to a party which dress code that says "Come in your million dollar outfit?"

I didn't know, too. All I knew was that our office party had club / party scene as its theme -- a departure from hardworking themes we have had before, rock star being last year's. The thing is, a stellar year means a desire to just party without too much thinking about team performances, programs, speeches and yes, outfits.

And then I got so un-concerned about external appearances {yes, it was possible} that until a dear friend pointed out a possible peg that I only started planning out what to wear.


I originally had something edgy in mind. It had been quite a long time since I've stepped inside a club {wait, no I have done this multiple times over the last quarter} with the intention of dressing up at all. Most of them were quite the detours from the actual destination so I didn't know the latest outfits suitable for strobe lights and dancing.

I wanted something like this again.

And then this fabulous idea {T's, not mine} came about:

Carrie is a huge fan of tulle, evidently. In my head, that made so much more sense, after all, I was more Carrie than Serena though goodness I felt a lot like Serena some parts of my life. I had reservations on dressing up in black and edgy clothes for fear of looking indecent as a default bitchy face and curly hair can do. Anyway. The mad hunt for the perfect tutu commenced and you know what, it wasn't easy.

To cut a long story short, the idea of the outfit emerged to this as I came from various options, pegs, style sheets and flow charts.

Yes, I flow chart my outfits.

 Prior to the combination above, I had other combinations which I showed to my mother in the form of photos and here were her commentaries:

Photo 1: Boybeater top + tutu = Carrie Bradshaw na nag ukay ukay
Photo 2: Black tank, blazer + tutu = Carrie Bradshaw na magikera

I was lucky, as things did work out for me as the day approached. I was new to dressing up in gold and pink but day by day, despite the tight deadline, I was able to scour for a top that had enough glitter in them to shine and still not look like a Can Can dancer. My friend Cheena was able to pull off a skirt for my tiny frame and Lancome's Holiday collection was a perfect fit to my entire look.

Photo by Arren Lateo
Taken at Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri La Hotel
Sequined Gold Top: Forever 21
Pink Tutu: Cheena Ng Lio // Amour
Glittery Pink Belt: Forever 21
Pumps: Aldo 
Clutch: Lancome
Accessories: Cole Vintage
Makeup: Lancome Holiday 2012

Look at the stage, just amazing, yeah?

And here is a team photo, of course.

And speaking of holiday makeup, isn't Lancome just amazing with the prettiest shade of pink and gold?