An All-Japanese FOTD


I'm not entirely sure what brought on that morning that I decided to use all-Japanese cosmetics. Maybe it was the weather --- which had been lower than usual lately, and for someone who struggles with occasional breakouts when it's more humid and hotter, it was a field day.

When I was in Japan, one of my major notables was that every single Japanese girl I saw had perfect, poreless skin. Truth be told, I had major pangs of regret for being very experimental with my skin in my youth but hey, no regrets. Whatever. Life was too short to think about it, so I just promised myself that when it was a bit colder in Manila, I would re-create my makeup during my visit to Japan.

To achieve Japanese Girl makeup: there were only two things ---

a)  flawless skin and b) thick eyelashes. While I didn't really achieve the thick eyelashes part because I was going to work and that might be too distracting, I was pretty satisfied with my little experiment.

Products to use: shu uemura eyelash curler, shu uemura cheek dome blusher, Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream in Light Ochre {personal super favorite BB Cream forever}, K Palette Eyebrow Pencil in 01shu uemura loose powder, shu uemura ultimate natural mascara and shu uemura by Karl Lagerfeld lipstick in Celebrity Beige.

Not in photo: K Palette Liquid Eyeliner and Kuma Concealer #2

So -- how did it go?

Love that Fairydrops lends a very Japanese-esque dewy effect to my otherwise Filipina/Chinese features and that Kuma Concealer hid my gray eyebags that morning. There truly is a quality to it that makes us regular Neanderthals achieve such Asian sorcery {or not} with the help of a little dip in the temperature. When it comes to achieving a completely natural, dewy, poreless look, it's best to leave it to our Asian neighbors who seem to have gotten the right formula.

Have a lovely Tuesday, ladies!
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