Fun in the Bath

It's a bipolar Thursday as I type this --- the day started out with blinding sunshine. Where I live, I sleep under the stars and the sun comes to wake me every single morning. This morning was extra bright --- which I don't mind at all.

And then it started raining. And then as I type this now, the sun is beaming behind my back. It's nice but my head hurts already --- maybe I should head home soon.

My friend Chai tells me one thing always, whenever I'm discombulated about something, whenever I'm stressed {or depressed, which is very rare} to take a bath and or a shower and everything will feel better after.

It always works.

My guess is that it will even be more fun if soaps came in clay form.

Oh wait --- it does! xx

I cannot stress the importance of a good bath time --- it's more than just a need and responsibility to society --- it's a way to spend precious time on, because it will dictate the way one will feel throughout the day.

How cool is it one can play and take a bath at the same time?

The super yummy - smelling store, Lush, came out with biodegradable, natural and equally-yummy smelling clay soaps, aptly called FUN :P

The soap comes in five variants: Lavender, Mandarin, Vanilla, Cotton Candy {my fave!} and Lemon and Lime.

My Satur-DATE that day, Sophie making clay butterflies.

What could be sweeter? 2.5% of sales from every bar of FUN is contributed to the FUNd, a LUSH initiative which supports charities in Fukushima, Japan that create safe places for children to play outside.

Each roll is for sale at Php 295.

Now, a trip to LUSH is not complete without going around the yummy-smelling store!

Smells divine but I'm partial to Honey, I Washed the Kids :P

Baby + Aunty = Bunty =P {I don't know, I just made that one up}

Grab a LUSH Fun soap today and indulge yourself in a luscious fun bath time! I know I will =P

Fun Lush Soaps are available at Lush branches: Bonifacio High Street, Shangri La Plaza Mall, Glorietta 4, Powerplant Mall.

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