The only lotion you will ever need

It's a bit disconcerting sometimes when in the morning, when you have to reach out to various bottles to fulfill your SPF needs. I specifically get iffy applying both body lotion and sunblock on myself because a) it takes so much time and b) minsan, ang lagkit lang talaga. 

As a lady trying to maximize my time {I have a lot of errands and chores to do, that's why time is gold!}, it appealed to me that Vaseline, a drugstore brand, came out with a lotion that's both moisturizing and sun-protecting.

As y'all know, I just recently learned how to properly swim so I'm literally flip flopping myself onto swimming pools every other day. Can I just say how much I love swimming now? I LOVE SWIMMING! That's why this promotion for Vaseline is just perfect because as my fellow BDJ Minister Nic says, I have the perfect tan {I don't have a photo so I don't know.} But I do know that I've cut my time slathering on two types of lotions with this now :D It's been a few weeks since I've tried this out and so far, so good!

If like me, you'd love to bask in the sun, too, try out the contest currently being run by Vaseline. See the mechanics below, it's really very easy: