What I know for sure and things I wish I can say out loud

Last night at worship service and at our small group's meeting, I was reminded of the things that a leader should be. The single topic that resonated with me was the topic of humility. 

It resonated to my battered, pieced and pierced heart because there are many things that are hard to do. Humility has to be way up there in the list of next-to-impossible. I can name a few reasons, reasons I only have in my head and I wish I can blurt out loud and tell respective people.

  • No one owes anyone anything. That said, I don't owe it to you to do what you didn't even ask me to do but I did nonetheless.
  • When people state facts, it merely does say the statement. That does not mean I am asking you to provide a snarky response.
  • I wish I didn't spend my time with you. What a waste of time.
  • I am not talking to you. Please stop butting into my conversations.
  • If you have so much opinion about my life, why don't you step in and do my responsibilities? Pay the bills, too.1

You see, if one had the access to my head, I would be bullet-ridden now. When things aren't exactly fine and dandy, one thinks s/he deserves whatever is the good side of the deal. I do that --- I am human, and as I know from the Bible, naturally bound to commit sin. That said, even then, I have no right nor reason to act like I would like to {be snarky, in this case}. 

But I think of the above and I remember that I have no right to stick to pride. I may be human but I had been forgiven, and is under the grace of God. I have no right to be proud.

Hella hard but I will try.
What do you know for sure?

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1 I am, unfortunately, not nice as some most people make me up to be :)