You'll Come

Here's a thing: I add random songs into my four year old iPod, play everything in random shuffle and let whatever song that comes up underscore whatever is happening into my life.

Yesterday, as I was cleaning my bathroom, recounting the funny, serendipitous details of my day, this song, a recommendation from my friend, Sophie, came into play.

You'll Come | Hillsong United

Unlike my other favorite Christian songs that hinges on humble forgiveness, this one resounds of pure joy and acceptance of Jesus into life. Neither is better than the other but yesterday, as I reviewed the state of my life, my personal instances, it was a perfect fit.

Everyday is a new day to start all over again, was what I thought. Every day is a new day to hold on to Christ's hands, to faith.

I have decided I have resolved

To wait upon you Lord

My rock and redeemer shield, and reward

I'll wait upon you Lord


As surely as the sun will rise

You'll come to us

As certain as the dawn appears


You'll come let your glory fall

As you respond to us

Spirit Rain, flood into our thirsty hearts again

You'll come.

Verse 2

We are not shaken we are not moved

We wait upon you Lord

Mighty deliverer triumph and truth

We wait upon you Lord

As surely as the sun will rise you'll come to us

Certain as your word endures. 



Chains be broken

Lives be healed

Eyes be opened

Christ is revealed

It's amazing how Jesus works wonderful ways =) Have a blessed Tuesday!