Life Lesson: Drink your milk

It started during one of those days, when we had this health and wellness fair at the office and I lined up for the one where they calculate your bone density that I found out I had osteopenia, a disorder which means one has lesser bone density than normal but not enough to be classified as osteoporosis.

Simply put, I was at a higher risk of osteoporosis when I get older and the doctor advised I start drinking milk. “Did everyone else drink milk beyond their teens?” I asked. As it turned out, I was one of the few people who left out drinking milk after my teens simply because milk made me fat {another realization I had when I my pants and skirts started busting --- literally}. And because calcium supplements aren’t really the brightest options out there due to ‘calcification,’ I turned to the best thing: milk.

It was probably a serendipitous thing to happen, as I received a brunch invite from Nestle Non Fat, as they were launching a pink-boxed version of their non-fat milk. Since then, I get to enjoy the benefits of drinking milk {while working and before I go to sleep} and the calcium that it brings. I love how I can just drink a box of it in two days and get to keep my waistline and not have to change wardrobes. I’m happy to know a brand takes the effort to make drinking milk such a wonderful experience. It looks good on my work desk, too!

YUMMY <3 These Nestle treats had me working up an appetite!

It's these details that makes me love brunch! 

The Bizu buffet had me stifling sighs and 'aahs' ...

But these darling peach mini pancakes won my heart.

As well as the lovely set up :)

... and bumping into ladies who brunch. Hi, Denise and Patty!

Nestle had a fashion show in the morning --- and made it work!

This one by Vania Romoff

My messy desk and my milk. It matches!

Lesson learned: Drink your milk even if you've grown beyond your teens --- that's like insurance for your old age bones! :)

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