Promise yourself

Days have been harrowing, that much I know. Whether that's good or bad, I can't really tell. It's been days of being on autopilot and there are days I think to myself:

What have I gone into? Have I put too much on my plate?

Then I find myself getting more things to do, as if needing to fill up the time so I don't have to think. Or feel. On my walk back from Barre3 class, it was fortunate that there was a slight drizzle so I had to focus on walking upright so I wouldn't slip on my bottom. Better that than to think of other things.

And then I saw this, amidst the internet trolling I'd been doing {for research, of course xx}. And then everything was right in the world again:

As I always say, be your own heroine, as opposed to being the victim of your life.
Chin up.
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