What I Know For Sure: Your Focus

... is what determines your reality. 

I only heard of this from our President last Saturday, and in the haze of everything that was happening, I forgot to take note of which popular person it was who said it.

The point is, we really ought to be watching our thoughts all the time because if we don't, things do get out of hand. Peter Drucker's words echo in my head ALL the time, as if haunting me all the way to Asia. That said, there's so much things one can learn from business that can be applied to life.

  • That success is hardly a measure of salaries nor position. To me, success is being able to switch off and walk away from the demands of the job to honor your health, your nerves, your sanity and just be the nomadic person that you want to be. I am done being affected by people who brandish their 'busyness' into my face. I used to feel guilty that I only worked 12 hours, and that other people were working 15 long ones. Then again, nobody asked me to work 12 hours, much more 15. I should go home when I am done.
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  • That life is truly, really short to be unhappy. Cheers!

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