Chocolatey Saturday Mornings

Recently, one of my closest friends posted this on her Instagram. Couldn't help but have a eureka moment.

That said, I don't think there's anything wrong with eating a piece of chocolate everyday :P

Aside from consuming chocolate, I didn't know anything that could be better until folks from Enderun, especially

Chef Mai Ote, introduced me, and a dozen other people into the wonderful world of making chocolate. Mai Ote is a pastry chef and management consultant. She was the head of pastry at Au Chocolat in Singapore where she conceptualized the recipes for all pastry-related products. She also became a corporate pastry chef of Aalst Chocolate and conducted testing for new chocolate formulas before putting it out in the market. Chef Ote obtained her bachelor’s degree in Home Economics at the University of the Philippines, Diliman and her Associate of Occupational Studies Degree at the New England Culinary Institute in USA.

What I loved the most about her was her palpable love for creating the awesomeness that is chocolate. The difference with chefs who value quality over anything else was that it was apparent how she is very particular with the ingredients and tools to be used in the kitchen. "Do not use a wire whisk because it introduces air into the mix," "Don't melt your butter," and "Use Dutch-milled powder for your cocoa," were only some of the things I still remember from then.

Chef Mai reminds us to heat the knife before slicing the chocolate bars 

Nama, or more popularly known as the Royce-type of chocolates was our first dish. It was YUM!

The gold bar is actually chocolate with edible gold powder. Just as YUM!

Chocolate-dipped everything! For this, Chef Mai used cocoa butter to use as 'dip' for the stuff.

And the group's favorite: a spoon-shaped chocolate bar. 

Our chocolate-making class last Saturday :D


When I decided to move into the Fort area, I had wanted to find weekend classes I could go into. Thankfully, Enderun was offering short classes like these {even 3-week, 3 month ones}. I also went to their French Wine Tasting class before and I was happily buzzed after, ha ha. The good thing about these short classes is that people get to learn the basics, get to participate in the demo and of course, get to eat chocolates, in this case. What better way, really, to spend your Saturday than eat all sorts of chocolates? It was one of the best Saturdays I had, and I am so glad to have been a part of it :) For more information, check out

Enderun's Facebook and the complete curriculum of my class here.

Thank you Nuffnang girls and Enderun Colleges Extension! 
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