What I Know For Sure: It's Not That Complicated

I'm borrowing the title of today's blog from yesterday's worship service. Admittedly, my mind is a mash of everything's that happened over the weekend {spending the weekend with my girls, car errands, thoughts on life + love, my Sunday worship and finally seeing Wicked}.  Since it's the beginning of February, my church has gone all mush --- they even sang Got to Believe in Magic during service, a song I haven't heard in a long time.

I haven't listened to Pastor Joey in a long time but I am glad I did this weekend. I don't remember a lot of things verbatim but I do remember it when he said:

It's God's will. There's so much talk about true love and dating, yes, even in my age group though my conversations revolve more about lola topics like buying a house and maid problems. I have heard it is even a bigger focus with younger, collegiate groups and I can understand why. Is there another topic more talked about more than love? I don't think so. I haven't figured out mine but it's nice to hear that yes, if it's God's will, it will happen. It's not magic, it's God's will.

When I think about it, it's not even all about just love. A lot of things won't happen {and will never happen} if it isn't in God's will. It's crazy how praying to God for things does affirm your decisions --- when you pray and then it comes, then you're not sure about it --- you regain your faith because you know it happened to you for your good. It was God's will, it's what needed to happen.

It's not that complicated, indeed.

Too often, we over analyze our dreams, our budget, our relationships, the friends we have, our families, our dating patterns --- and for what? A watched pot never boils and all that, yes? Most often, the flowers that bloom are those that aren't gripped too tightly.

Peter Broderick | With the Notes in my Ears

oh the ones i often dreamt of
with the notes in my ears
and the ones i often mimicked
with the notes in my fingers
and my bed is on the floor
yes my bed is on the floor
of one of the ones i often dreamt of
with the notes in my ears
and that's why i know that i can say
i'm lucky today
and that's how i know that it's time
to be brave

Women do not need to dress more conservatively. Men need to be real, better men.

There's so much talk about rape, whether or not a woman deserves to be raped or not. In the first place, no one, no woman nor man deserves to be raped. No person deserves to be violated, not even to be looked at salaciously without consent.

What about you? What do you know for sure?
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