Who are you anyway?

I was walking home last week, when a colleague I normally don't talk my personal life with asked me: "What comes first, your job or your being a blogger?"

The truth was that neither did. The thing about the past eight years or so was that I had let my life be defined by how I did at my job, ie what were my brands and how they were doing online, among many other things. When I first conversed with my then-future boss, he asked me to tell him about me, and I began to tell him I was in Digital Marketing. He stopped me, and told me "Work is boring, tell me who you really are."

Gotta admit I was speechless for a few seconds.

Today, as I am coming back from a five day weekend spent in bed, I am facing the same question: Who am I?

Let me tell you:

Everyday, I dream of new things. I am a Christian. I used to care so much whether what people think of me. I still think about it sometimes but I just gave less damn about it. I don't understand electronic dance music, maybe I am not the target market. I find joy in the silliest of things like being able to remove stains from my clothes. There are days that I don't understand what the hell I am doing. I like butter very much. Small talk either excite or exhaust me. I used to be a writer, and now I am not even that anymore. I just daydream, a lot. I am very particular with the scent of clothes, linens, and my house. I just watched all the eight seasons of Entourage and got stressed out somewhere in the middle. I'd rather watch TV and go out to meet some friends who whine a lot and I am not even sorry about it. I have no tolerance for wrong grammar from men I date. It's been months years since I went on a date. It's been years since I've had a proper crush. There are people I just don't like no matter how much I convince myself. I am forever a fan of learning new things and skills and new places and making new friends. I put roasted sesame dressing on everything including rice. I like listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I laugh all the time and silly as it may sound, I always find the funny thing in everything. I just can't help it. My favorite color is white. I always get told that I have high standards in men and I just respond that the last time I set them low, I ended up with the really crappy, bottom of the pile ones. I have a thing for shallow and silly movies. I take naps during lunch breaks sometimes. I am very passionate about numbers and statistics and can kind of quote them every now and then.

That's who I am. For now.

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